PDM’s ‘long march to Pindi’ is merely a message
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PDM’s Long March to Rawalpindi:

In spite of the fact that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) as of late declared a potentially Long March towards Pindi, the fundamental move not yet considered. [1] A senior PDM’s leader, who go to the last gathering of the resistance coalition’s top initiative, revealed to The News that the progression proposed by a second-level head of an ideological group and the issue not examined as a genuine choice. At the point when inquired as to why PDM boss Maulana Fazlur Rehman had declared it as one of the choices, he stated: “PDM’s Long March was a message to ‘Pindi’ to remain unbiased – that’s it, not much. [1]”

PDM's long march to Islamabad could also be to Rawalpindi
PDM’s long march to Islamabad could also be to Rawalpindi

PDM’s Long March Leader’s Statement:

The PDM leader stated: “We need Pindi to remain unbiased and realize well the sensitivities in question if any such walk is coordinated towards the city.” He added that “Pindi” ought to likewise venture back and guarantee its “impressions” not found in legislative issues and political issues[1].

Following last Friday’s PDM meeting, Maulana Fazlur Rehman had said that the resistance’s development would at this point don’t be coordinated uniquely at the PM Imran Khan-drove government yet additionally at “his supporters”, showing that the partnership’s conceivable long walk to the capital “could likewise move towards Rawalpindi”[1].

PDM’s Long March Selection:

The PDM’s announced impartial to remove what it terms the public authority of “selection” Prime Minister Imran Khan. It is likewise consistently focusing on the foundation for ‘forcing’ the Imran Khan government on the country through political designing[1].

In their public gatherings and media articulations, the PDM pioneers have requested a finish to the impedance of the Pakistani politician issues and encouraged that the nation is run by the protected impediments set for various organizations[1].

'Puppet rule' must come to an end, says PDM
‘Puppet rule’ must come to an end, says PDM

Leader’s Tensions and Focus of Nawaz Sharif on Top Players:

As tensions rose after some PDM leaders, especially Nawaz Sharif, began focusing on two top players of the foundation. Requests for the inception of an excellent exchange between various organizations began springing up. Pointed toward keeping away from a potential encounter that could imperil the framework. A few leaders speaking to PDM’s ‘Long March parties additionally began supporting the possibility of ‘important’ between institutional exchange between the foundation, the ideological groups/parliament, the legal executive, the public authority, and NAB[1].

As of late, a gathering of government clergymen in a public interview likewise welcomed the resistance for discourse, and Muslim League-Functional pioneer Muhammad Ali Durrani has been meeting PDM pioneers to make ready for a terrific exchange[1].

Durrani’s Hosting Dispatching:

Many accept that Durrani hosts dispatched not by his gathering. But by some secretive powers to end the strain between the public authority and the PDM. Be that as it may, very little is normal from these moves, which need a center and not weak endeavors[1].

Fazlur Rehman shares date of PDM long march to Islamabad
Fazlur Rehman shares date of PDM long march to Islamabad


The conclusion is that the Pakistan Democratic Movement wants to do a long march. The long march will go to Rawalpindi only for a message about Pakistan Democratic Movement and their aims. What will happen on the long march we will tell you on the long march day. For more information, you can contact us or by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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1.            Thenews. 5th January 2021; Available from: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/769567-pdm-s-long-march-to-pindi-is-merely-a-message.

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