Melania to divorce Donald Trump as soon as he leaves White House
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Prediction Among Relationship Between Melania Trump and Donald Trump:

Different physics have anticipated that Melania Trump will separate from her significant other, US President Donald Trump within a couple of months. Giving a progression of expectations to the new year, a board of the has said that First Lady Melania Trump will hope to separate from her better half “before the late spring”. Is Melania will Divorce Donald Trump?[1].

Melania likely to divorce US President Donald Trump soon
Melania likely to divorce US President Donald Trump soon

Upheaval in the Trump Family:

Another physic and numerologist said that there would be “upheaval” in the Trump family simultaneously[1].

The board likewise talked about the main woman, saying that Melania will proceed onward rapidly from Donald Trump and will date “another conspicuous business figure” before the year’s end yet will keep mum about it[1].

Trump to ‘Ascend and be a Tremendous Main Thrust on the Planet’:

After the underlying misfortune, the stars will adjust for Trump once more, state the mystics. As indicated by the board, the business head honcho and current US president are probably going to “go quiet for a very long time” before he ascends as a persuasive pioneer once more[1].

“He will at that point ascend and be a huge main thrust on the planet – greater and with more impact than he had as President,” the board said[1].

Donald Trump Work Behind the Scenes:

The board said that Donald Trump will likewise be dealing with a tell-all book which will include numerous in the background scenes of what went down at the White House during his administration. Concurring to the expectations, the US president will have no second thoughts getting down on specific people “for their bad ways” after the cruel media crusade he had looked at during his spell as president[1].

Melania Trump forecast to leave POTUS 'before the summer
Melania Trump forecast to leave POTUS ‘before the summer’

“What he needs to state, and what he uncovers, will stun and unnerve the political and business world,” said the board[1].

Prediction by the Yahoo Lifestyle:

As indicated by Yahoo Lifestyle, another numerologist had anticipated some ‘change’ in Trump’s life. Famously known as “The Numbers Queen”, Sarah Yip had said that Trump’s “numbers likewise propose changes in his home life (cresting March-April-May 2021) because of his 6 Personal Year”. She said that Melania Trump and her child with the US president, Barron Trump, likewise had a ‘change’ in their graphs[1].

“This could recommend a move in home and additionally family and marriage changes,” she had said[1].

Melania Trump Trusting that Donald Trump will Leave Office, So She can Separate from Him:  

A day after Donald Trump’s destruction in the 2020 US official races. A previous helper to the principal woman had guaranteed that Melania Trump was tallying each moment to separate from the president, the Daily Mail had detailed. Individual ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman had asserted the couple’s 15-year marriage was finished. “Melania is checking each moment until he is out of the workplace and she can separate,” the report had said[1].

US President Donald Trump waves to the camera as First Lady Melania Trump smiles beside him.
US President Donald Trump waves to the camera as First Lady Melania Trump smiles beside him.

Source’s News:

The source had said that Melania Trump was hanging tight for her better half. To take off from the White House as she would not like to mortify him. “If Melania somehow managed to attempt to pull a definitive embarrassment and leave while he’s in office, he [Donald Trump] would figure out how to rebuff her,” the report had referred to Newman[1].


The conclusion is that it is to be expecting that Donald Trump and Melania got a divorce before the summer start. Melania’s Ex-aide said that the marriage has over 15 years. Melania Trump is counting every minute until he came from the office and she can take a divorce.

What would happen if Donald and Melania Trump divorced
What would happen if Donald and Melania Trump divorced
What Really Happens If Melania And Donald Trump Get Divorced?


1.            5th January 2021; Available from: Geo.

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