Sheikh Rashid talking from Media at Rawalpindi
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What Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Said to the Media in Rawalpindi?

Pastor for Interior Sheik Rashid Ahmed on Saturday promised that activity would be started inside 72 hours against anybody discovered utilizing disdainful language against the Pakistan Army and state establishments[1].

Sheikh Rashid Remarks:

Rashid’s remarks, made while addressing journalists in Rawalpindi, come a day after Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) boss Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that the resistance’s development would not, at this point be coordinated distinctly at the public authority yet also against its “supporters”[1].

Rehman had likewise expressed that the union’s conceivable long march to the capital “could likewise be to Rawalpindi”. He had likewise said that the resistance will take an interest in the impending by-races, however, showed that there had been no choice on challenging the Senate races[1].

Sheikh Rashid said to the PDM that PM Imran Khan will not Resign from the Government, Rashid Vows Action Within 72 Hours for Speaking Against Pakistan Army, State Institutions
Sheikh Rashid said to the PDM that PM Imran Khan will not Resign from the Government

Conference of Pakistan Democratic Movement:

In the present question and answer session, the inside clergyman said that the PDM has “acknowledged destruction” on account of its choice to challenge the impending by-decisions[1].

He invited the advancement as “good news”, adding that no “political stage should leave empty”. Rashid said he was vindicated since he kept up the PDM would challenge the races and now “there are no renunciations they’re not boycotting the by-decisions races nor are they boycotting the Senate surveys”[1].

Elaborating Long March and PDM Actions:

Elaborating on the public authority’s reaction to the PDM’s long march. He said the public authority prepared to invite them. He said the public authority doesn’t plan to inconvenience anybody and will react in kind to the PDM’s activities so “popular government, Constitution and the law” are not besmirched[1].

No political martyrdom for PM, vows Imran Khan, Rashid Vows Action Within 72 Hours for Speaking Against Pakistan Army, State Institutions
No political martyrdom for PM, vows Imran Khan | Speaking Against the Pakistan Army

Securing the Visas Addressed by Sheikh Rashid:

Tending to the issues in securing visas, the inside clergyman said that individuals used to confront defilement in obtaining Chinese and Afghan visas. To address the issue, Rashid said the office of online visas would be presented[1].

“Manual visas have been done and 192 nations have been changed over to [the system] of online visas,” said Rashid. He further references that 200,000 online visa applications enrolled in a day. Adding that abroad Pakistanis can contact the inside service for protests. He additionally affirmed that the identification of PML-N preeminent Nawaz Sharif would not be reached out upon its expiry on Feb 16th[1].

Govt won’t Resign:

In the interim, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Saturday emphasized that the PTI-drove government would not leave, notwithstanding the resistance’s requests[1].

In an assertion, he stated: “For what reason is the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) sitting tight for Jan 31? We won’t leave or under tension. Head administrator Imran Khan has the certainty of the Parliament, for what reason would he leave on their interest?” People, in general, has lost interest in the PDM’s story, he stated, adding that the “five-hours” in length meeting of the 11-party resistance coalition on Friday had been “inconclusive”[1].

“They expanded the choices made by the Central Executive Committee of the PPP. Like the PPP, they additionally reported that they will partake in by-decisions. They are stating they will conclude [whether to take part] in Senate decisions when the opportunity arrives however, I am stating today that they will likewise partake in them,” he said[1].

Sheikh Rashid About Shah Mehmood Qureshi:

In his assertion, Qureshi said that establishments have “consistently satisfied their obligation as indicated by the Constitution and the law” and “nothing would come from attempting to pressure them”. “We did not stress over the PDM’s dissent. The individuals who are in need themselves, what will they fight?” he addressed[1].

PDM wanted to Remove Imran Khan form the Government
PDM wanted to Remove Imran Khan form the Government

People won’t pay regard to PDM fight plans: PM

On Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said individuals will pay no regard to the PDM’s to require a ‘long march and dismissed the resistance’s charge of a ‘manikin’ head, contending that on the off chance that it was genuine why he didn’t hold chats with them even after the military administration had requested that he do as such to end political insecurity[1].

In his first meeting of the year with Dunya TV, PM Imran clarified that Pakistan Army was his subordinate organization similarly as the bureaucracy seemed to be[1].

PM Imran Khan Remorse About Opposition:

While repeating that he could never give any National Reconciliation Ordinance-like relief to the resistance chiefs confronting defilement references. The PM stated: “Pakistani country takes to roads just against debasement and for their certified rights. However, this time they know PDM pioneers arranging the long march just to set aside. They, not well-got cash. [1]”

Got some information about the resistance’s one-month cutoff time before holding a long march against his administration. The administrator stated: “I can give recorded as a hard copy. Pakistani country won’t come out in the city on the call of PDM. [1]”

Reacting to another inquiry, he stated: “In the event that I am a manikin and if the military has requested that I hold chats with the resistance, at that point why I am not doing as such[1].”

He said in the event that he was a manikin, why he was not making any trade-off on the statement of administering PTI. “The truth of the matter is that the military stands by me in the execution of my administration’s declaration. The armed force needs security and progress of the nation and that is the reason it is with me,” he stated, adding that the public authority didn’t meddle in the issues of state organizations including the military[1].

Sheikh Rashid speaks to the media in Rawalpindi on Saturday.
Sheikh Rashid speaks to the media in Rawalpindi on Saturday | Vows Action Speaking Against Pakistan Army

PM Imran Khan Explained About NRO:

“I am preparing to hold dealings with resistance to significant public issues. I am preparing to talk yet I will submit treachery on the off chance that I offer NRO to resistance. Whatever they (resistance) will do, I won’t give them NRO,” the chief had proclaimed[1].


The Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said about the Pakistan Democratic Movement. Action has taken against those who bullied the Pakistani Army and its institutions. He was communicating with the Press in Rawalpindi. He said that PDM cannot win, because the public not with them. The opposition no longer directed by the Government but also against its backers. He said that PDM wanted that Prime Minister Imran Khan will resign upon the stress of them, but this could not happen.

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1.            2nd January 2021; Available from: Dawn.

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