A Grateful Personality Dr. Omar Atiq
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Oncologist in Arkansas:

A Pakistani-beginning oncologist in Arkansas excused the greater part 1,000,000 dollars in extraordinary obligations structure almost 200 malignant growth patients. The Arkansas Clinic, established by a Pakistani Origin Doctor Dr. Omar Atiq in 1991, gave malignant growth therapies going from chemotherapy and radiation treatment and tests, for example, CAT checks. It needed to close its entryways in February 2020 because of a deficiency of staff[1].

Recently, the facility conveyed occasion welcome and told patients that any extraordinary bills would presently don’t should be paid[1].

Doctor erases cancer patients' medical debt totaling $650,000
Doctor erases cancer patients’ medical debt totaling $650,000

Dr. Omar Atiq Communication:

“I trust this note discovers you well,” composed Dr. Atiq. “The Arkansas Cancer Clinic was pleased to have you as a patient. Albeit different medical coverages take care of a large portion of the tabs for most patients, even the deductibles and co-pays can be difficult. [1]”

“Tragically, that is the manner in which our medical care framework presently works,” he added and educated patients that the disease center was shutting practice after more than 29 years of administration[1].

“The facility has chosen to forego all adjusts owed to the center by its patients,” said the note. “Merry Christmas. [1]”

The exceptional bills add up to $650,000:

“We thought there was not a preferred chance to do this over during a pandemic that has devastated homes, individuals’ lives and organizations, and a wide range of stuff,” Dr. Atiq disclosed to Arkansas Online. “We just idea we could do it, and we needed to, so we felt free to do it. [1]”

Institutes of Teaching:

The doctor is additionally a Professor at UAMS College of Medicine and oncologist at the UAMS William P Rockefeller Cancer Institute. As indicated by the nearby every day, the center worked with a charging organization to drop the obligation and guarantee no patient who owed cash would confront any kind of monetary repercussions[1].

Arkansas Governor's Newsletter June 2017
Arkansas Governor’s Newsletter June 2017

Sources and Immigration:

Initially from Pakistan, Dr. Atiq moved to Pine Buff in 1991 subsequent to finishing cooperation at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City[1].

“It truly is destiny,” he revealed to Arkansas Online. I moved my family to Arkansas after accepting a call from Jefferson Regional Medical Center with a bid for employment. [1]”

He added that the choice to move was “extraordinary”. The specialist turned into the principal non-white leader of the Arkansas Medical Society in 2013 and 2018 he was named director choose of the leading group of legislative heads of the American College of Physicians[1].

“We have been extremely thankful. This has been home for quite a while. We are thankful for the open door for what has befallen our lives here,” he said. “I accept the open doors that have come my path is, to a limited extent, on account of where I am. [1]”

Oncologist forgives $650,000 in medical debt for his patients
Oncologist forgives $650,000 in medical debt for his patients | Pakistani Origin Doctor

The Thought Behind Before Obligation:

At the point when the prospect of excusing remarkable obligation previously entered his thoughts, Dr. Atiq contacted leader VP of the Arkansas Medical Society, David Wroten. Conversing with Arkansas Online, Wroten said Dr. Atiq needed to guarantee there was nothing ill-advised about doing it. “I can’t, for the life of me, envision there would be. [1]”

“In the event that you knew Dr. Atiq, you would better comprehend. To begin with, he is probably the sharpest specialist I have ever known, yet he is additionally quite possibly the most merciful specialists I have ever known[1].”

Wroten said Dr. Atiq “really has a sincere love illicit relationship with the patients” and has gotten “as much from his patients as they have gotten from him”[1].

Photo shows A Pakistani Origin Doctor Dr Omar Atiq

Taking note of that disease treatment is “pricey”, Wroten said that there are individuals who will cover on their tabs for a very long time, which might be $10 per month. Dr. Atiq said his center has a measure of extraordinary obligation that it does mostly on the grounds that “we have never refused to see a patient. [1]”

“Not for lack of health insurance or funds nor for any other reason,” Atiq said. “I’ve always considered it a high honors and privilege to be someone’s physician – more important than anything else.[1]”


The conclusion is that a Pakistani doctor gave a gift of New Year to the patients of cancer patients. The doctor Omar Atiq lives in Arkansas and his clinic also there. He said that he feels proud that he is Pakistani and did a very grateful profession which is to recover patients from cancer. Mr. Omar Atiq forgives about $650,000 of the cancer patients. Dr. Omar Atiq is proud of the Pakistan and nation. Such type of doctors is difficult to find in the world. We should feel proud of such a doctor.

Arkansas doctor wipes away cancer patients' bills
Arkansas doctor wipes away cancer patients’ bills Arkansas doctor wipes away cancer patients’ bills
Oncologist forgives $650,000 in medical debt for his patients


1.            2nd January 2021; Available from: Geo.

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