Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed speaks to the media in Islamabad
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Sheikh Rashid Announcement About Nawaz Sharif:

Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Wednesday report that PML-N supremo and previous leader Nawaz Sharif’s visa will drop on February 16. Addressing correspondents in Islamabad, he said the resistance had “uncovered” as tax criminals and individuals who got iqamas (work grant) since they were not legitimate with the nation[1].

“For what reason did every one of these individuals use to take iqamas? On the off chance that I as the inside priest acquire an iqama, it implies there is something off-putting and I don’t have confidence in my property,” he said[1].

The minister said all the “thieves” got joined when their abundance got through tax evasion and defilement uncover and assert that they deceived[1].

NAB demands cancellation of Nawaz's passport, CNIC
NAB demands cancellation of Nawaz’s passport, CNIC

Who is Next, Ask by a Reporter:

Asked by a reporter “who is next” after PML-N senior pioneer Khawaja Asif’s capture on Tuesday. Rashid said it not yet known however added “will drop Nawaz Sharif’s visa on February 16″. He didn’t give any subtleties. Nawaz has lived in London since November a year ago after he permitted to leave the nation for clinical treatment[1].

Earlier this month, the PML-N pioneer announces a declared wrongdoer in two cases Avenfield properties and Al-Azizia by the Islamabad High Court after he neglected to show up under the watchful eye of the court[1].

Interior Minister Mirza Shahzad Akbar:

The exact day, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Accountability. The Interior Mirza Shahzad Akbar said that United Kingdom specialists approached to expel the sentenced previous PM from their nation. He said Pakistan composed a letter to the UK to drop. The visa of Nawaz which given for clinical treatment in the wake of taking an endeavor.

An exceptionally positioned source in the UK disclosed to Dawn a month ago that a top Pakistani authority met his British partner in October to pass on that Nawaz is “not, at this point a delicate issue” between the UK and Pakistan and inability to extradite him could bring about stress ties between the nations[1].

Prime Minister Imran Khan letter to British Home Secretary:

Prime Imran Khan in October said he would contact British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, if necessary, to examine his removal and his guide Akbar composed a letter to British Home Secretary Priti Patel on October 5 asking her to extradite the previous head whom he said is “liable for ravaging the state”[1].

Sheikh Rashid announces cancellation of Nawaz Sharif's passport
Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid announces cancellation of Nawaz Sharif’s passport

For Nawaz’s situation, the public authority of Pakistan wanting to convince UK specialists to achieve a “constrained evacuation”, in some cases called “managerial expulsion” a situation in which the Home Office implements a person’s expulsion from the UK on the off chance that they don’t leave to remain for example in the event that their application decline or if their leave to remain has lapsed [1].

Nawaz’s Major Political Career:

While the Nawaz case is remarkable in that it includes a major political character, it has gone to the UK Home Office when it is enduring an onslaught at home for being a sanctuary for outside nationals blamed for debasement[1].

Writers and rights bunches over the most recent couple of years have reprimanded. The strategies of the British government, which they state have made the UK “a safe haven for corrupt wealth”. Straightforwardness International require the British government to dispatch an examination concerning Nawaz’s London properties in 2018 when he indicted in the Avenfield case and in this manner condemned for a very long time[1].

What happens after Nawaz Sharif's passport is cancelled
What happens after Nawaz Sharif’s passport is cancelled


The conclusion is that Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid did addressing the public today. He said that Nawaz Sharif’s passport will cancel on February 16th, 2020. Minister said that all the thieves united when their wealth obtained by money laundering and corruption. They have exposed and claimed that they were victims.

Nawaz Sharif Passport Cancellation | Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Latest Media Talk | 30th December 2020


1.            30th December 2020; Available from: Dawn.

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