Meet the JF-17 Block III Fighter, The Jet China is Helping Pakistan build to fight India
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Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Announced JF-17 Thunder Block III:

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on Wednesday officially reported the sequential creation of the most developed. Variation of JF-17 Thunder Block 3 a 4.5 generation airplane with far further developed innovation than IAF’s Rafael jets.

Ceremony Placed in Pakistan:

At a ceremony at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra likewise saw the giving over of 14 best in class natively created double seater JF-17B Thunder Block-II contender planes to the flying corps. Pakistan Navy Air Defense Units showed their battle status through live terminating of the surface to air rockets (SAMs).

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC):

Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan, while tending to the giving over. The functions of the recently assembled double seater JF-17B Thunder flies here. At the PAC Kamra, named the incorporation of planes in public armada as a huge achievement accomplished throughout the entire existence of the nation.

Could Pakistan's JF-17  soon become a 5th or 6th generation aircraft in the upcoming blocks, considering that it has already touched 4.5 generation in three blocks?
Could Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder soon become a 5th or 6th generation aircraft in the upcoming blocks, considering that it has already touched 4.5 generation in three blocks?

He said the JF-17 Thunder demonstrated as a fight tried airplane during fruitful articulation of dominance. Operation Swift Retort against IAF interruption of regional power on 27th February 2019.

JF-17 Thunder Production in Pakistan:

The ceremony also denoted the declaration of serial production of PAF’s most exceptional 4.5 age JF-17 Thunder Block III jets. The air chief praised the in-time finishing of the undertaking by the Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF). The group of the PAC associated with the improvement of the development age of the double-seater JF-17B Thunder and Block-III planes rendition. “The time of 2019 has extremely testing because of the COVID-19 pandemic as it upset life everywhere in the world. It likewise delivered genuine effects on the PAC venture of JF-17B Thunder Block-III. As the whole unpredictable has stayed under lockdown.”

JF-17 Thunder Block 3 Production Started. JF-17 B Dual Seat. PAF to integrate PL-15 on JF-17 Block3?

Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar at PAX Kamra Addressing:

Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar gladly said PAC Kamra maintained its conventions regardless of most testing seasons of a pandemic. “I might want to recognize the whole group and PAC initiative including executive PAC and Managing Director AMF. Their purposeful endeavors to fulfill the task time constraints.” PAC, he stated. Was the foundation of PAF operational status and had shown their capacities to address difficulties with restricted assets at the ideal level.

Air Chief Extended Appreciation to Ministry of Defense:

The air chief additionally extended out his obligation to the Ministry of Defense Production and the Chinese Aviation Industry for their ceaseless help.

“The double seat adaptation of JF-17B and the creation of Block-III denotes the accomplishment of a critical achievement. It will play a significant and huge part in geostrategic milieu because of the innovation introduced in the advanced airplane”. He referenced that the undertaking’s finishing impractical without the help of Chinese specialists, architects, and professionals and this task had additionally set the Pak-China companionship and two-sided guard ties.

Expectations from Pakistan JF-17
Expectations from Pakistan JF-17 Thunder Block-3

Role of the Media and Internet for featuring Pak-China Relationship:

The air chief recognized the job of media at all levels including print, electronic and web-based media for featuring Pak-China companionship and joint effort under CPEC and JF-17B Thunder creation. He asked the media to additionally advance the Pak-China ties and coordinated effort in a positive way.

“PAF has shown its abilities consistently and is ever prepared to foil any hostility of the adversary with a devastating reaction,” the air chief communicated his determination.

Briefing to the Participants:

PAC Chairman Air Marshal Syed Nauman Ali briefed the members over the venture subtleties and featured that JF-17 Thunder would be the sparkling image of participation among Pakistan and China.

Commitment to Complete the Project:

He said because of the COVID-19 lockdown in PAC, technicians, and specialists finished the undertaking in due time despite numerous chances. Where the Chinese specialists upheld phenomenally PAC for meeting the program targets. Air Marshal Nauman settled that the PAC would stand resolved to satisfy the consecrated obligation of increasing battling power and solidarity to protect the nation’s elevated sway.

PAF launches serial production of latest JF-17 Thunder Block III
PAF launches serial production of latest JF-17 Thunder Block III

Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong Addressed:

Talking about the event, Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong said that PAC’s effective getting of the ability to fabricate JF-17B Thunder Block-III airplane has set up an ideal model of Pak-China companionship.

“Pakistan has gotten independent in creating JF-17 Thunder and a development warrior airplane delivering nation on the planet. JF-17 Thunder has, at last, become the foundation of Pakistan’s safeguard.” He trusted that it would additionally reinforce the guard ties among Pakistan and China. “Pakistan and China’s nearby coordinated effort will get more achievement what’s to come.”

The ability of Pakistan to Produce 4.5 Generation Aircraft:

The PAC has built up the ability to deliver advance 4.5 age JF-17B Thunder Block-III planes. The most recent JF-17B was furnished with long reach predominant radar framework and progressed exact shooting weapon that gave it a front line over IAF-gained Rafael planes’ well known tremendous reach to distinguish airborne targets.

The Chinese Aviation Industry Delegation Giving Video Message:

The Chinese Aviation industry delegates tended to the function through video messages and PAC schoolchildren additionally introduced a public melody while the air chief visited the office and noticed the recently assembled airplane.

Pakistan Air Force Pakistan JF-17 Thunder Block III
Pakistan Air Force Pakistan JF-17 Thunder Block III

Pakistan Navy Air Defense and Different Weapons:

Then, in a great showcase of capability, Pakistan Navy Air Defense Units exhibited their battle availability through live terminating of surface air rockets (SAMs).

Head of the Naval Staff Addressed:

Head of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi, who was likewise present, communicated his total fulfillment on the operational availability of Pakistan Navy and its readiness to guard the public sea interests. During the Live Weapon Firing, the dispatched rockets effectively connected with the planned focuses, the representative of the Pakistan Navy said.

He said that fruitful firings had re-confirmed Pakistan Navy’s war battling capacity and battle potential. The maritime chief praised the officials and men for their responsibility and demonstrable skill. He stressed on proceeded with carefulness to defeat any hostility against the ocean outskirts and give a befitting reaction to any misfortune by the enemy[1].

Argentina considers buying JF-17 Block-III Fighter Jets from Pakistan
Argentina considers buying JF-17 Block-III Fighter Jets from Pakistan


The conclusion is that the Pakistan Air Force is updated. Pakistan Air Force going to enter into the new generation of aircraft which are more reliable and of 2 seats available in it. This generation will call the 4.5 Generation. In this generation, many new types of equipment are added. Due to this type of new equipment, many countries got frightened. India will threaten for War again and again to Pakistan and China. So, the Indian media and the Government will stop yelling at Pakistan. Because we know how to defend ourselves. I pray from ALLAH, he may save us from bad insects.



1.            31st December 2020; Available from: Thenews.

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