Pakistan's coronavirus single-day tally sees a drops after six weeks
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Pakistan’s COVID-19 Situation:

Pakistan’s COVID-19 cases positive rate dropped to 4.93% after over about a month and a half of a flood in diseases.Later six weeks, the information gave by National Command and Operations Center appeared on Tuesday[1].

News Cases Recorded in Last 24 Hours:

The country recorded 1,704 new infections in the previous 24 hours, raising the public count to 460,672. Government information demonstrated 60,190 COVID-19 cases have accounted for across Pakistan over the most recent 21 days with an everyday normal of 2,866.19. The infection asserted 82 lives in a day, bringing the loss of life to 9,474. At any rate, 1,383 individuals have kicked the bucket due to the COVID-19 since the beginning of December[1].

Pakistan puzzles health experts as coronavirus cases drop
Pakistan puzzles health experts as coronavirus cases drop | Later six weeks

At any rate, 2,398 COVID-19 patients are presently under basic condition out of the 40,261 dynamic cases the nation over. Up until now, an aggregate of 410,937 individuals has recuperated from the infection[1].


Government Minister for Planning and Development and NCOC boss Asad Umar has said that the bureaucratic bureau has endorsed the acquisition of the immunizations, which are relied upon to show up at some point between January and March one year from now[1].

Pakistan has likewise pursued the United Nation’s COVAX Facility, a worldwide activity focused on impartial admittance to protected and powerful COVID-19 immunizations around the world. There are numerous neighborhood and China-made antibody preliminaries leading the nation over[1].

Submissions to Hold the Virus:

With the rising spread of the virus, the government on December 9th cautioned it would close down more areas if the public kept on disregarding COVID-19 SOPs[1].

Asad Umar said there was a fast expansion in diseases during the second wave as the general population was less genuine than it was during the principal wave. He cautioned that if the infection isn’t contained, the public authority may choose to shut down more areas and force stricter limitations in about fourteen days [1].

WHO says 'vaccine nationalism' cannot beat the coronavirus
WHO says ‘vaccine nationalism’ cannot beat the coronavirus | Later six Weeks

Current limitations:

The government has just made face veils obligatory out in the open spaces, restricted enormous public get togethers to 300, prohibited indoor weddings, shut places of worship, films, and theaters, and taught public and private workplaces to embrace a work-from-home approach and half inhabitance[1].

The government has likewise declared that instructive foundations will stay shut from November 26th to January 10th. The understudies will learn at home or get week-by-week schoolwork till December 24 and the winter getaway will begin December 25th. The schools will return on January 11 which is responsible for COVID-19 circumstance at that point. The total of what assessments have delayed aside from confirmation and enrollment tests. Besides, all areas have restricted indoor feasting and restricted timings for business sectors, shops, and shopping centers. Numerous regions in the nation have been put under keen lockdowns[1].


The COVID-19 cases have decreased from last month, and the current situation is better than before. People wear a mask to protect themselves and others, due to which the cases decreased. The federal government gave a warning that the coronavirus can stop if the SOPs properly follow. Asad Umar said that the coronavirus has increased in the second layer due to which more cases recorded. If the situation in control the coronavirus will not affect more people, due to which the lockdown removes. Otherwise, the lockdown will implement strict restrictions.

Coronavirus Pakistan records 83 new COVID-19 cases in one day with a total tally 136 on Monday
Coronavirus Pakistan records 83 new COVID-19 cases in one day with a total tally of 136 on Monday
Pakistan records highest single-day COVID-19 death toll in 9 months 75 Coronavirus Deaths


1.            22nd December 2020; Available from: thenews..

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