Top 4 richest person in China
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Basic informationJack MaMa HuatengHui Ka YanSun Piaoyang
Date of Birth10th September 196429th October 19719th October 19581958
Place of BirthMa Yun in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, ChinaChaoyang District, Shantou, Guangdong, ChinaTaikang County, Zhoukou, Henan, ChinaN / A
Age55 years old48 years old61 years old61 years old
SchoolN / AN / ATaikang County No. 1 High SchoolN / A
CollegeLocal college in Ma Yun in HangzhouN / AN / AN / A
UniversityHangzhou Normal University (B.A)Shenzhen University, completed in 1993 in Computer scienceWuhan University of Science and TechnologyChina Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing University
OccupationBusiness magnate-investorFounder, Chairman & CEO of TencentChinese real estate developerJiangsu Hengrui Medicine
Famous forCo-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba GroupTencent gaming development, change the website name to QQ in December 2000 to avoid the intellectual property from Israeli SoftwareChinese real estate developer in China more than 700 projects in China include 240 cities in China which are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and ShenzhenFood and Drug Administration to all over the country and other countries.
Net Worth$41.3 Billion (May 2020)$55.3 Billion (June 2020)$30 Billion (February 2020)$16.1 Billion (April 2019)
Political partyCommunist Party of ChinaCommunist Party of ChinaN / AN / A
Career startedIn 1994, started his career on the internet e-commerce named “Hangzhou Haibo Translation Agency”He started his business career from Tencent company Co-founded in 1998 with his 4 classmates, develop app open ICQ (OICQ)He started his career in 1982 from a shop of iron and after the steel companyHe started his career after completing his education in 1990, he directed a company and convert it into China’s largest producers of anti-infection and anti-Cancer medicine
Post in the companyHe became the head of an IT company from 1998- 1999. He became the Chairperson of Alibaba Group which holds Taobao marketplace, Tmall, eTao, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Junhuasuan,, & AlipayHe is the head and CEO of Tencent Gaming and app development  He became the Head of an associate director for 7 years. After that became the president of “Zhongda” company’s one of the branch name “Quanda”.He became the chairman of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine.
Owner of the companyHe became the owner of the company “Alibaba” in 1999Tencent Gaming and app development companyIn March 1997, he originated the Evergrande Collection and attended as its chairman of the board, holder of Guangzhou Evergrande football clubHe became the chairman of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine.
InvestmentAlibaba company won 2 times in 1999 about $25 million foreign investment, Taobao Marketplace Alipay, Ali Mama & Lynx, founded a school “Hupan School”He invested in US firm IDC and Hong Kong’s Telecom Carrier Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) and bought a 40% share of Tencent’s for about $2.2 millionIn 2019, Xu investment in electric cars with the worth of $6.4 billion which was three years investmentHe invested 10% of annual turnover for R&D & innovation system with clinical centers in New Jersey, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Lianyungang
Company famous timeIn September 2014, his company Alibaba was on top in New York Stock Exchange over $25 billion in IPO, became the valuable technology companies in WorldTencent got fame after 2000 and got more fame in 2004 for gaming and selling virtual goodsHe was famous for the Evergrande Group and the owner of the Guangzhou Evergrande football clubThe company got fame in 2014 and won the approval from the U.S food and drug administration
PoliticsN / AMa is the supporters of the Communist Party of China, he said that “Lots of people think they can speak out and that they can be irresponsible. I think that’s wrong. We are a great supporter of the government in terms of information security. We try to have better management and control of the Internet”N / AN / A
 EntertainmentHe made a short movie in 2017 with the name of “Gong Shou Dao”, at same year his company Alibaba group 18th anniversary, participated sing-song and do some dance at therePlay games and developers of games, supply virtual goods, and apps all over the world, Music, Film & television.N / AN / A
Philanthropy  founded a philanthropic organization ‘Jack Ma Foundation’, focused on education, environment, and healthHe is kind-hearted and shares his wealth with the poor people of ChinaHe donated the Coronavirus pandemicHe gave the medicine to the cancer patients which were at the final stage of Gastric Cancer
DonationAlibaba donated about $808,000 after the earthquake in 2008, launch Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Foundation to support entrepreneurs of Hong Kong for Business, construction in Nepal to reconstruct the houses after Earthquake, in 2019, in 2020, his company do some initiatives to ease the distress due to Coronavirus pandemic to United States, Asia, Africa & EuropeHe donated about $2 billion shares to charity in 2016.He donated about $20 Billion in the past 3 years due to mounting debts.In 2014, his shares increase in the stock market, and he donates for R&D and gave the novelty system with scientific hubs
AwardsHe got an award from the Forbes “Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award” for the underprivileged communities China, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East, He became the “Asia’s 2019 Heroes of Philanthropy”N / AN / AN / A

Jack Ma:

Jack Ma was born in Ma Yun in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China on 10th September 1964. He was willing to learn English at his young age and at the age of 9 years he traveled 27 Km on his cycle to guide tourists and learn English from them. His name was difficult for the tourists and his name became Jack. He completed college in 3 years and got admission in Hangzhou Normal University. He completed his education B.A in arts degree in English. He started English and international trade at Hangzhou Dianzi University. He started his career in the world of internet and e-commerce after rejection from 30 jobs. He started his business from 1994 with his friends. He visited the United States in 1995, he was shocked to see that there was no general information about China on the internet. He made a website with his friend “China Pages”, they got revenue from it about $800,000[1].

Addressing to the employees and guests from Alibaba group and company
Addressing to the employees and guests from Alibaba group and company

After the success of this business, he and his other friends made Alibaba company and won about $25 million investment in foreign investment two times. He founded the Taobao marketplace, Alipay, Ali Mama, Lynx. After the success on large scale, he had offered to sell the Taobao company to eBay but he refused, Yahoo Co-founder invested about $1 billion in Taobao company. In 2014, Alibaba was on the top of the New York Stock Exchange over $25 billion in IPO, and becomes the most valuable technology company all over the world. He was famous in America in history demanded by the public of Americans. He was the chairman of Alibaba group which holds about, Taobao Marketplace, Tmall, eTao, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Juhuasuan,,, and Alipay. His transaction exceeded more than 1 trillion Yuan in 2012, he founded the school “Hupan school” in 2015. He met with the president of America Donald Trump in 2017 to discuss the 1 million job openings in the coming 5 years in favor of Alibaba[1].

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma Steps down with the rock  show
Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma Steps down with the rock show

He made a movie Gong Shou Dao in 2017 and the same year there was the 18th anniversary of Alibaba Group, he did some dance and sing-song there. Jack Ma is kind-hearted and has pain in his heart. He served for people all over the world. He focused on education, the environment, and public health from his philanthropic organization. Alibaba donated about $808,000 after the earthquake, in 2009 he was elected as the trustee of the Nature Conservancy’s China Program, in 2010 became the directors of the organization. Alibaba helps Hong Kong to establish and support the business, the same year he helped Nepal for the reconstruction of the houses. He left from Alibaba, educational work, philanthropy, and environmental causes. He got an award from Forbes “Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award” for helping underprivileged communities like China, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. He called in 2019 “Asia’s 2019 Heroes of Philanthropy”. Alibaba helped the public to prevent Coronavirus and gave aid to several countries the United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe[1].

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma to support his 8-year-old lookalike until the boy graduates from university
Alibaba CEO Jack Ma to support his 8-year-old lookalike until the boy graduates from university
Jack Ma’s Life Advice Will Change Your Life (MUST WATCH)

Ma Huateng:

Ma huateng was born in Chaoyang District, Shantou, Guangdong, China on 29th October 1971. He can be known as Pony Ma. He is an internet Entrepreneur, founder, president, chief executive officer, and executive board member of Tencent Inc., Tencent is the largest internet company in China. Initially, it was China’s biggest mobile instant messaging service and its companies deliver media, entertaining, internet, and mobile phones value-added amenities. He founded the company with his 4 classmates, co-founded Tencent in 1998. He is a designer, developer, innovator for making new apps, and marketer. He developed an application similar to the Israeli application open ICQ (OICQ), he after had an issue about the name and copyrights, renamed with He invests in Hong Kong Telecom Company and after the telecom company bought the shares of about $2.2 million. He improved the instant messaging platform and generate revenue by about 80% from it[2].

Second richest man in China is now Tencent's Pony Ma Huateng
Second richest man in China is now Tencent’s Pony Ma Huateng

He has strong relationships with the Chinese party name “Communist Party of China”.  He was depressed due to the people’s thinking and he said, “Lots of people think they can speak out and that they can be irresponsible. I think that’s wrong. We are a great supporter of the government in terms of information security. We try to have better management and control of the Internet”. He believed in the execution, not the idea’s importance. He bought a residence in Hong Kong with an area of 19,600 sq. ft. He gave his wealth of about $2 billion in a charity foundation[2].

Wife of Ma Huateng
Wife of Ma Huateng
The Rise of China’s Tencent Billionaire

Hui Ka Yan:

Hui Ka Yan was born in Taikang County, Zhoukou, Henan, China on 9th October 1958. His Chinese name is Xu Jiayin. He married the lady Yang Huiying working in the steel company. They have 2 children and living in Guangzhou. He is China’s richest person who initially worked as a real estate developer. He became the stakeholder of China and completed about 700 projects in China and more than 240 are in cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. He became the branch president of the “Zhonga” company which name “Quanda”. After that, he went to Guangzhou which is the capital of Guangdong province and established Gunaghou Pengda industrial CO,.Ltd[3].

Evergrande chairman becomes richest person in China - Chinadail
“Xu Jiayin (Hui Ka Yan), Chairman of Evergrande Group, speaks during a press conference for Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao F.C. in Guangzhou city, south China’s Guangdong province, 9 November 2017.”

He became the Chairman of the board, owner of the Guangzhou Evergrande football club. He invested in electric cars about $6.4 Billion in 2019 which is a three-year investment plan. He dropped his wealth for the poor and needy person living in China, he gave up about $20 billion in the past three years in which the Coronavirus is one of them[3].

Hui Ka Yan and Jeff Bezos pair whose wealth soared in 2017
Hui Ka Yan and Jeff Bezos pair whose wealth soared in 2017
Hui Ka Yan from $2 US a month to richest realestate Billionaire

Sun Piaoyang:

Sun Piaoyang was born in Lianyungang, China in 1958. He was an academician and best entrepreneur, sun Piaoyang is cranium of Jiangsu Hengrui medication, and a man with durable willpower to fight against cancer. He was the most intelligent student from the beginning. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from China Pharmaceutical University and got the degree of Doctorate from Nanjing University. He said that “Education is one of the secrets of success for Sun Piaoyang”. Despite his phenomenal business success, he remains highly devoted to academics and has many research publications in national and international journals of repute.

Piaoyang Sun, Ph.D.
Piaoyang Sun, Ph.D.

He became the inventor and innovator of many medicines, organic derivative, and clinical procedures for which he has got numerous patents. He started his career after getting the degree of doctorate, he first did the job in the state-run Lianyungang Pharmaceutical Factory. After that, the factory was recognized and became Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine. He became the head of this company and got a profit of $13,000. In 2014, his company won the approval from the US food and drug administration. He started the work for cancer patients and in China and made research centers with his investment of about 10% in different cities of the country. He donated for the cancer patients who are at the last stage[3, 4].

Sun Piaoyang is world's richest healthcare billionaire. His wife Zhong is the world's richest woman selfmade billionaire.
Sun Piaoyang is world’s richest healthcare billionaire. His wife Zhong is the world’s richest woman selfmade billionaire.
Sun Piaoyang Richest Healthcare Self-made Billionaire In World


According to my opinion, all the persons are very famous in the world which are discussed above. They all have pain for the poor and needy person, all donated for the needy. Jack Ma is co-founder and chairman of Alibaba Group, he had very interested in the English language and guide the tourists by traveling 27 KM from his home. He learns a lot from the tourists and after his education, he became the founder and executive of Alibaba group. He did a lot of work for people all over the world in the problems and in progressive work. Ma Huateng is Co-founder of the Tencent gaming company at first, he did work for the instant messaging application. He is a philanthropist and founded the foundations for the charity. Hui Ka Yan is also a philanthropist and real estate developer. He did about 700 projects and more than 240 were in the main cities of China, he got famous and rich in China. Sun Piaoyang is the eldest China’s richest person, he did for the medical field and got fame after the doctorate education, joined the Lianyungang Pharmaceutical Factory. After that, he became the chairman and at last, he got approval from the U.S food and drug administration. At the last, Jack Ma is the richest person which gave his wealth to charity and donation from the income coming from the Alibaba group. I said that he is the richest person in the world because he has pain for the poor person in heart.


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