The inventor of Mikhail Kalashnikov
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Basic InformationInventor’s information
Name of InventorMikhail Kalashnikov
Date of Birth10th November 1919
Place of BirthKurya, Russia
Date of DeathDecember 23, 2013
Place of DeathIzhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia
Age94 years old
SchoolLocal school from Russia
CollegeMilitary College from Russia
OccupationSmall arms designer Russian lieutenant general
Famous forMikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov
TitleInventor of AK-47
Other worksDesign of Tank, machine guns, PK machine
SpouseEkaterina Kalashnikova (m.? –1977),  
ChildrenElena Krasnovskaya, Natalia Kalashnikova, Nelli Kalashnikova, Victor Kalashnikov
AwardsUSSR State Prize (1949) Hero of Socialist Labour (1958) Stalin Prize (1949) Lenin Prize (2) Hero of the Russian Federation Order of St. Andrew Order For Merit to the Fatherland II cl.


What is the deadliest weapon of the twentieth century?

Maybe you think first about the nuclear bomb, assessed to have slaughtered upwards of 200,000 individuals when the United States dropped two on the Japanese urban areas of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Another weapon is answerable for unmistakably more passings – numbering up into the large numbers. It’s the Kalashnikov attack rifle, ordinarily known as the AK-47.

Initially created in mystery for the Soviet military, an expected 100 million AK-47s and its variations have been delivered to date. This weapon is currently found all through the world, remembering for the hands of many American regular people, who in 2012 purchased the same number of AK-47s as the Russian police and military. As a doctor, I have seen the pulverization this weapon can unleash on human substance.

Early life and Education:

Kalashnikov was brought into the world in Kurya, Altai Governorate, Russian SFSR, now Altai Krai, Russia, as the seventeenth offspring of the 19 children of Aleksandra Frolovna Kalashnikova (née Kaverina) and Timofey Aleksandrovich Kalashnikov, who were peasants. In 1930, his dad and the majority of his family had their properties seized and were ousted to the town of Nizhnyaya Mokhovaya, Tomsk Oblast. In his childhood, Mikhail experienced different diseases and was very nearly demise at age six[1].

Michael Kalashikov

He was pulled in to a wide range of machinery, yet besides composed verse, longing for turning into a poet. He proceeded to compose six books and kept on composing verse for the entirety of his life. After removal to Tomsk Oblast, his family needed to merge cultivating with chasing, and along these lines Mikhail as often as possible utilized his dad’s rifle in his adolescents. Kalashnikov kept chasing into his 90s[1].


Kalashnikov, who began as a self-trained innovator, rose to the conspicuous situation of General Designer of little arms for the Soviet Army. In his plan designing division, Hugo Schmeisser and Dr. Gruner (MG42), a pioneer in the territory of the sheet metal embellishing innovation, worked into the 1950s. Moreover, various German workers were enrolled or forced to work in the USSR under the specialized architect. While preparing, he made his first creations, which concerned tanks, yet in addition little weapons, and was granted a wristwatch by Georgy Zhukov[2].

The flag of Mozambique features an AK-47 with an attached bayonet, meant to symbolize defense and vigilance.
The flag of Mozambique features an AK-47 with an attached bayonet, meant to symbolize defense and vigilance.

Tank Making Division:

Kalashnikov served on the T-34s of the 24th Tank Regiment, 108th Tank Division positioned in Stryi before the regiment withdrew after the Battle of Brody in June 1941. He was injured in battle in the Battle of Bryansk in October 1941 and hospitalized until April 1942. While in the medical clinic, he caught some individual officers whining about the Soviet rifles of the time[2].

A tribal weapon:

Kalashnikov's first submachine gun AK SMG 1942
Kalashnikov’s first submachine gun AK SMG 1942

The AK previously went without hesitation to put down the East Berlin riots in 1953 and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Egyptian fighters utilized it to kill President Anwar Sadat in 1981. Troops on the two sides in the Iran-Iraq war conveyed it. The al-Qaeda pioneer Osama canister Laden utilized a modernized one as a prop in his enlisting recordings[2].

From its most punctual days, the Kalashnikov has been made a decision about a prevalent weapon due to its effortlessness and unwavering quality. In a smaller, 10-pound bundle, a solitary warrior holds the completely programmed capability of an automatic weapon. It has just eight moving parts, can be separated and reassembled in 30 seconds, and will fire when messy[2].

Utilization of the AK-47:

During the battle in Vietnam, the rifle was utilized by the North Vietnamese armed force, Viet Cong radicals, and, here and there, U.S. powers. Marines would regularly put down their standard-issue M-16s and get AK-47s from fallen North Vietnamese warriors since they discovered the AK to be more dependable[2].

Delivery of AK-47 to Other Countries:

Throughout the long term, two dozen countries have delivered the rifle, including Warsaw Pact individuals, China, North Korea, Egypt, Iraq, and Finland. Prior to his demise in 2013, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was intending to open a plant to fabricate the firearm, and the AK is used in a fight today by al-Qaeda in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and hostile to government rebels in Syria[3].

No definite check is conceivable, yet specialists contemplate 100 million AKs, modernizations, and subordinates far and wide, with upwards of 1 million additionally being made every year[3].

Mikhail Kalashnikov

Unlawful Weapons in The United States of America:

In the United States, the AK and any remaining completely programmed weapons are unlawful for most regular citizens. As a weapon intended for military use, a credible AK can be exchanged among programmed and single-shot modes with the flip of a switch. The attack rifles available to be purchased in the United States are self-loader that is, one shot for each trigger pull. Those seen bursting endlessly in Hollywood motion pictures are debilitated weapons that can shoot just empty shells[3].

The AK brand prevailing with regards to attacking the United States, however through mainstream society, where it represents a sort of insubordinate cool. Sylvester Stallone conveyed one in the “Rambo” motion pictures, as did Nicolas Cage, Warren Beatty, and many entertainers in different movies. Rapper Lil Wayne scored a hit with his tune “AK-47,” and Tupac Shakur had a picture of the firearm inked on his stomach. Numerous computer games, for example, “Amazing Theft Auto,” highlight AKs[3].

Commemorating the AK-47 Rifle:

At a function denoting the 60th commemoration of the rifle, Mr. Kalashnikov honored the group that assisted him with making the AK. “I was not without anyone else, sitting at a work area,” he said. “It was 1,000 in number aggregate working at various production lines.” But the weapon bears his name[3].

he AK-47 has become a symbol as well as a weapon, as evidenced by this diamond-encrusted pendant once owned by an alleged drug fugitive from Mexico
he AK-47 has become a symbol as well as a weapon, as evidenced by this diamond-encrusted pendant once owned by an alleged drug fugitive from Mexico

Soviet legend

The Soviet Union’s advocates were continually searching for common saints to fill in as good examples, and they discovered one in the worker weapons fashioner and previous tank corps sergeant[3].

Mr. Kalashnikov, who achieved the hold rank of lieutenant general, was showered with grants, titles, rewards, and favors. He was granted the USSR State Prize and the Stalin Prize in 1949. Later came Hero of Socialist Labor (twice), the Lenin Prize (twice), and numerous others[3].

After the Separation of the Soviet Union:

After the separation of the Soviet Union, Mr. Kalashnikov kept on working at the combat hardware plant in Izhevsk, Russia. As a worker of the state, he acquired no sovereignties except for go to extraordinary admittance to automobiles and a nation bungalow. He diversified his name to producers of vodka, umbrellas, folding knives, and different curiosities, however, deals were moderate[3].

His better half, the previous Ekaterina Viktorovna, who additionally worked in the weapons plant at Izhevsk, kicked the bucket in 1977. Survivors incorporate three kids. A total rundown of survivors couldn’t be affirmed[3].

A Cambodian soldier carries his AK-47 rifle in 1970
A Cambodian soldier carries his AK-47 rifle in 1970

Interview of Kalashnikov:

Chivers, who Interviewed with Mr. Kalashnikov a few times, noticed that one of the keys to the creator’s prosperity was his characteristic appeal and helpful disposition. He was helped along by Communist Party ties. He joined the Komsomol, the youthful socialist class, at the railroad yard in Kazakhstan and proceeded to full gathering participation. A long time later he was made an individual from the Supreme Soviet, Moscow’s absolutely stylized parliament[3].

Friendship of Kalashnikov with Soviet Union Commanders:

He shaped companionships with senior Soviet commanders and authorities and with his kindred weapons laborers, who appeared to be attached to him. He trusted that he covered his kulak foundation for a long time. “I was spooky by the dread that somebody may get some answers concerning my past as a deportee,” he said[3].

Questioners consistently asked him his opinion about the harm and enduring his weapons had caused. He ordinarily replied with some variety of what he said in the Kremlin after a festival of his 90th birthday celebration in 2009[3].

“I rest sufficiently,” he said. “I made a weapon to shield the country. It was not my shortcoming that it was once in a while utilized where it ought not to have been. That is the flaw of government officials. [3]”

Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov
Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov’s Legacy:

For his works, the Soviet Union granted Kalashnikov the Stalin Prize, the Red Star, and the Order of Lenin. In 2007, President Vladimir Putin singled out the Kalashnikov rifle as “an image of the inventive virtuoso of our kin.” Kalashnikov died as a National Hero in 2013 at the age of 94 years old[3].

All through the majority of his life, Kalashnikov rebuked endeavors to burden him with blame over the tremendous number of killings and wounds incurred with his innovation. He demanded that he had created it for guard, not offense[3].

Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47 rifle, buried in a memorial cemetery

Questions of the Journalists:

At the point when a journalist asked in 2007 how he could rest around evening time, he answered, “I rest soundly. The government officials are at fault for neglecting to go to an arrangement and falling back on brutality. [3]”

However, in the last year of his life, Kalashnikov may have encountered a difference in heart. He composed a letter to the top of the Russian Orthodox Church, saying, “The torment in my spirit is deplorable. I continue asking myself a similar unsolvable inquiry: If my attack rifle ended individuals’ lives, that implies that I am liable for their demises. [3]”

A Type 2 AK-47, the first machined receiver variation
A Type 2 AK-47, the first machined receiver variation

It’s a perpetual discussion: What executes? Firearms, or the individuals who convey them? At the lower part of the letter, he marked it, “a captive of God, the fashioner Mikhail Kalashnikov. [3]”

A 2019 Russian stamp dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Kalashnikov's birth
A 2019 Russian stamp dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Kalashnikov’s birth
Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of AK47, dies aged 94


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