Ch Aslam Khan the SSP in the Karachi Police
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Introduction of Choudhary Aslam Khan:

Date of Birth1967
Place of birthDhodhial, Mansehra District, KPK, Pakistan
Death & place9th January 2014 (Lyari Express, Karachi, Pakistan)
Cause of DeathBomb Blast  
KillerTehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)
Starting Career2010 as Investigation Wing in Criminal Investigation Department
Blast typeCar bomb blast
ProfessionSP (Senior Police) Police Officer
Primary RankSHO (Station Head Officer)
RankSSP (Senior Superintendent Police)
AllegianceSindh Police  
Special ForceLyari Task Force
Remembered TaskLyari Grand Operation in 2012
AwardsPPM (Pakistan Police Medal) QPM (Quiad-e-Azam Ppolice Medal)

Brief Introduction:

Choudhary Aslam Khan was a Pakistani Police Officer, born in “Dhodial, Mansehra District, KPK, Pakistan”. He was known to be the toughest operations against the criminals. He was martyred by the Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in 2014. He linked the Police in Sindh in 1987 as an SHO (Station House Officer) and he served in several Police Stations in Karachi and Balochistan by his regional apportionment. He got famous in the Police Department when he was in a special force and did the encounter from 1992-1994 and 1996-1997. At one time, he was suspended and again came back in 2004. He was killed/martyred by the Tahrek-e-Taliban Pakistan, because of his fame and killing of the gangsters. He was awarded by the “Pakistan Police Medal (PPM)” & “Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal (QPM)”[1].

Basic Information:

Choudhary Aslam Khan was born in 1967 in Dhodial, in the District of Mansehra and the Division of Hazara. He went to Karachi with his family when he completed his education in the primer[1].

Ch Aslam joined the Police and when was famous in the Police Department
Ch Aslam joined the Police and when was famous in the Police Department

Higher education and the career:

He got his higher education from Karachi and wanted to join the Police Department. At last, he joined the Police Department in 2010 and became the head of the Investigation Wing in the Criminal Investigation Department. He was a very hard-working person and won the Pride of Performance Award in 2012 against the “Lyari Grand Operation” in which he encountered the criminals and clear the area from the Criminals[1].

Joining in the Police:

Choudhary Aslam Khan linked the Sindh Police in the year of 1987. He was at the post of SHO (Station House Officer), served in many Police stations in Karachi and Balochistan. He served his duties without any Greediness. He got famous in the Police Department when he encountered the terrorists and the criminals. He was sent to the special police force and got the fame in the 1992-1994 and also in the year 1996-1997. Ch Aslam Khan was suspended and again gave the duty in 2004. He was given the task of killing and encounter the target killers.[1]

when Ch Aslam Khan joined the Sindh Police and other picture when he became the SSP
when Ch Aslam Khan joined the Sindh Police and other picture when he became the SSP

The attack of Taliban in 2011:

When the Taliban was active and wanted to kill Ch Aslam Khan, they attack him again and again but he escaped every time. In the year of 2011, the Taliban attacked the house of Ch Aslam Khan which was located at the Defence Phase VIII in Karachi. The attack was so severe that there were 8 people killed at the spot. By the blast of the bomb, there were many financial loss occur and eight people died included guards and the Police Officers. This was because he was arresting and encounter the killers of many of the organizations. In the mean-time, there was only a person that was in the eyes of Tahrek-e-Taliban. They wanted to kill him but he escaped from every target. Ch Aslam Khan knew that he was the target for them which are extremists and the criminals. They said that he didn’t afraid, wanted to arrest, and kill them. After that, he was sent to the Lyari Taskforce (LTF) and he finished the gang war in Layari Town. Khan arrested many terrorists, gang war criminals, target killers, and the blackmailers that mostly belonged from the “TTP, BLA, MQM, ANP, LJ, LET, & SSP”[1].

Ch Aslam Khan House was attacked by the bomber of TTP in 2011
Ch Aslam Khan House was attacked by the bomber of TTP in 2011


Ch Aslam Khan and his two companion officers, guard, and the driver were in his vehicle on the Layari Express. A bomber came and targeted his vehicle in Layari Express road, Karachi. The blast was so prevailing that the road had been cracked and some cars had been destroyed. The investigators said that the car was hit by the attackers from about 30 meters of the distance[1]. The senior officer Iqbal Mehmood completed his investigation and said that to the reporter’s SP CID Choudhary Aslam Khan was with his 2 companions and there was the time of about 4:40 pm and the area which they attacked Ch’s car was the “Essa Nagri Area”. Moreover, he said that the suicide bomber hit his car with the car of Choudhary Aslam’s car. The two officers were killed at the spot and Choudhary was killed when the bomb blasted. The televisions reporters said that the Police vehicle was bulletproof and despite it, the car was destroyed with the bomb[2].  

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) accepted that they killed him since he killed our companions and the prisoners that were in the cells of the Jail. A narrator said that of the combative group, Ch Aslam Khan was targeted against the operation of the TTP. Moreover, he said that “Aslam was involved in killing Taliban prisoners in CID cells in Karachi and was on the top of our hit-list”[1].

Ch Aslam Khan killed by the Bomb blast
Ch Aslam Khan was killed by the Bomb Blast hit by the Bombers

Reply on the Death of Ch Aslam Khan:

At that time there was Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif commended for “SP CID Choudhary Aslam Khan” and for other officers that were martyr, he said that the terrorists could not prevent the administration of the active interventions in their competition in contradiction of the extremism. Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) delivered an announcement of the Army Chief General Raheel Sharif, accepting the contributions of the Police and other agencies of the Law Enforcement in the contest against the terror and the criminals. He paid the attribute to Ch Aslam Khan for doing his duty and services in his life. The Party of MQM of President Altaf Hussain also convicted the killing of the Senior Superintendent Police Choudhary Aslam his two other companions. Altaf Hussain said that SSP Chaudhry Aslam was active in fighting against terrorists who are carrying out subversive activities in Pakistan. He conducted operations against terrorists and criminal elements bravely[1].

Ch Aslam Khan was been buried by the Police and his relatives in the grave


There was an announcement that the action movie will be released on the lifestyle of Choudary Aslam Khan with named “Choudhary- the Martyr”, it would b directed by Azeem Sajjad. His cousin Choudhary Tariq Islam will be played the role of Choudhary Aslam Khan in the movie. He also has linked with the same village. He also worked with the Khan for over about 30 years and is the DSP himself. The director said that he has about the same body language, gesture, attitude, and reflexes and he would be cast in the movie[1].  

The movie poster
The movie poster of “CH- The Martyr”
The Martyred Choudhary Aslam Khan on 9th January 2014 interview on the Private channel said that “SP CID Ch Asalm Jab tak mere Khoon ka aik bhi qatra baqi hay”

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