Choudhary Fazal Elahi
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Introduction of Choudhary Fazal Elahi:

Date of Birth1st January 1904
Place of birthKharian, Punjab, British India
Death & place2nd June 1982 Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Cause of DeathNatural
PoliticsMember of National assembly Pakistan (15th August 1972- 13th August 1973)
Minister8th speaker of the National Assembly
Political PartyPakistan People’s Party (14th August 1973-16th September 1978)
ChildrenChoudhary Ata Elahi
SiblingsHaji Rehmadad Elahi
ParentsMian Abdul Aziz Pakistani

Brief Description:

Choudhary Fazal Elahi was born on 1st January 1904. He was from the Gujjar family and lived in the “Marala Village” near the city of Kharian, District Gujrat, Province of Punjab. He got his early education from the native village and moved to the “Prestigious Aligarh Muslim University” in the year of 1920. He completed his LLB in the “Civil Law in 1924”, and came back to the Punjab, where he studied at the “Punjab University’s postgraduate school of law & Political Science”. He got the degree of M.A in Political Science in 1925 and then got the degree of Justice and Law in the field of advanced LLM in 1927[1].

He thought that he had been completed his education, and then came back to his native District Gujrat, started the practicing of the Civil Law. He was interested in the Politics and participate in the “Indian general Elections” in 1930, there was no opposing member and he won the election for the District Gujrat Board[1]. He also worked as the “Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan” and remained from 1965-1969. He also remained as the Speaker of the Nation Assembly from the year 1972 – 1973. General Zia-ul-Haq’s Martial Law was held at that time and he said to Ch Fazal Elahi (Fair Play)[2].

Life of CH Fazal Elahi:

Ch Fazal Elahi was born in the village of “Marala” near the city of the “Kharian, district Gujrat” and the “Province of Punjab”. He got his early education from the native village and Kharian. After getting an education from the native area he moved to the “Prestigious Aligarh University” in the year of 1920, where he completed his LLB in the Civil Law in the year of 1924. After completing the education of LLB he thought that he should get more education and got admission to the “Punjab University’s post-graduate school in Law and Political Science”. Choudhary Fazal Elahi completed his study of M.A in Political Science in the year of 1925. He wanted to get more education and completed the Law and Justice in the Advanced LLM in the year of 1927[2].

President Fazal Elahi Chaudhry receiving a diplomat in his office

He built a law firm in the Lahore, recommending the Civil Law and the authorities. He came back to his district Gujrat and started the practicing of the Law of Civil. He was interested in the politics and took participate in the “Indian General-Elections” in 1930. These elections had no opposition party in the District board Gujrat, and he was elected without any opposing member[2].

Political Career:

He joined the Muslim League in 1942 and 1945, he was elected by the elections and from Gujrat, he became the President of the Muslim League. He also got participated in the 1946 elections from the Muslim League’s ticket and played an important role in reproducing the ideas of the Muslim League in the people of the Gujrat and District Gujrat. When there was the independence of Pakistan, Chaudhry Fazal Elahi also took part in the new Government, he went up to the high rank in the National Assembly[2].

First Punjabi President of Pakistan:

He successfully announced the Constitution of the country in 1973. Ch Fazal Elahi was elected as the President of Pakistan. He won the elections after the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and became the First President from the Punjabi class of the Punjab Province. He was doing an energetic role in the Pakistan Movement by the Muslim League. Ch Fazal Elahi was selected as the Minister when there was the government of Ch. Liaqat Ali Khan in the year of 1947. Moreover, he also joined the Pakistan permanent representative commission and went to the United Nation in 1951[2].

President Fazal Elahi in the Medical College of Multan
President Fazal Elahi anad Governor Punjab Justice Aslam Riaz Hussain at the convocation of Nishtar Medical College Multan, May 1978

Fair Play codename was given by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto:

In the constitution, it was written that the president has control over the government thus, from the government operations remains gave the authority of the Prime Minister. After the success of the Fair Play (code-name given to Ch Fazal Elahi by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto) operation and removed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto from the power. He continued his work of the Presidency but it didn’t any effect on the other Government works and the Military and the national affairs[2].

Forcibly take the resign by the Military:

After the harsh relations with the Military, Choudhary Fazal Elahi was surrendered from the office and he gave the resign from the President Post, it was due to the urging of the Chief of the Army Staff and the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of the Staff. After that, Choudhary Fazal Elahi gave the charge to “Zia-ul-Haq” which was the 6th successful President of Pakistan[2].  

Speaker of the West Pakistan Assembly:

When there was the partition of India, he took the post of the Parliament Secretary and was after being elected as the Minister for Education and Health. While he was interested in Politics, he joined the Muslim League and elected as the Member of the Punjab Assembly in 1951. After that, he represented Pakistan in the United States in 1952. He was appointed as a member of the West Pakistan Assembly. He remained as the Speaker from the year 20th May 1956 – 7th October 1958. He was elected as the Deputy Opposition Leader of the house on the basics of the experience and the knowledge, the time he spent in the Parliamentary chronicles. He joined the Muslim League and after that, he was appointed as the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly in 1956[2].

President of Pakistan:

He became the Speaker of the National Assembly when he joined the Pakistan people’s Party in the election of the 1970s. then he gave up from the Pakistan People’s Party and in the elections of 1972 was opposed to the Khan Amirzada Khan of the party NAP and other all opposition parties. He made Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)[2].

Ch Fazal Elahi with Syrian President
Ch Fazal Elahi with the Syrian President Hafeez al Assad and General Zia ul haq


If Choudhary Fazal Elahi didn’t give up, he would be the President of Pakistan. But he resigned from his post due to force of the Military, and the Military took control over the Government by the “General Zia-ul-Haq”[2].

He died on 2nd June 1982; at this time his age was about 78 years old[2]. On the death of Ch Fazal Elahi, General Zia ul Haq gave respect and visited when he was ill before death. His family from then to now is active in politics[3].

Asia’s famous leader Pakistan’s Choudhary Fazal Elahi


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