Nadra Launch Rehbar Mobile application to facititate citizens of Pakistan.
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The idea of the Rehbar mobile application is to help the citizens of Pakistan by providing them with information about government services, health, and education. 

Nadra, the government of Pakistan has launched an initiative to provide a platform for the public to access their services and other information. Nadra is a mobile application that provides the public with a convenient platform to search, find and access information. It has been designed to help citizens of Pakistan to make quick and easy payments to their utility bills and electricity bills. The app also allows them to pay their water bills, telephone bills, and other services.

Pakistan has been facing the worst floods in its history. The worst affected areas of the country are Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, and KPK. The government has been working hard to help the flood victims. To do so, they have launched a mobile application called “Rehbar” which is helping the people of Pakistan to provide relief to the victims. 

The app has been launched in several regions of Pakistan including the cities of Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, and Islamabad. It is also available on iTunes and Google Play.

The app is free to download and will be available on all the leading phones. The app has been developed in collaboration with the IT department of Nadra. It will allow the citizens of Pakistan to find their utilities, government, and social security numbers on one single screen. They will be able to use the app to submit complaints, check the status of their complaints, check if they are eligible for any social assistance, and much more.

This app will help the citizens of Pakistan by providing them with information on government services. It can also help people with a lot of information about the medical facilities available in the area where they live. The app will help the citizens of Pakistan to know about any issues concerning the government. For instance, the citizens can call the different departments to check if their complaints have been addressed.

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