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Barkhan is known for its rich cultural heritage and traditional way of life. The town has several historical sites and landmarks that are worth visiting, including the ancient ruins of a Hindu temple, a Mughal-era Mosque, and the British-era railway station. The town is surrounded by rugged and mountainous terrain, which makes it difficult to access for outsiders. However, the natural beauty of the area is a major attraction for tourists, and there are several hiking trails and trekking routes that allow visitors to explore the surrounding hills and valleys. Overall, Burhan is a unique and fascinating town with a rich history and culture that is distinct from the rest of Balochistan. Its natural beauty and historical landmarks make it a popular destination for tourists and a point of pride for the local community.


In February 2023, the small town of Barkhan was rocked by the discovery of three bodies in an abandoned well. The murders sent shockwaves throughout the community, and residents were left reeling as authorities scrambled to find the killer or killers responsible. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Barkhan murders and explore the investigation that followed. We will also examine the impact that the murders had on the community and discuss the ways in which the town has come together to heal in the wake of the tragedy.

A woman carrying the Quran claims that a sardar named Abdul Ketharan abducted a woman named Marri and her two children in a video that went viral on social media a while back. Her two children range in age from about 15 to about 22, respectively.Some claim that the spouse of Marri, Khan Muhammed Mari, was Abdul Ketharan’s peon.The father and son of Abdul Ketharan had a disagreement.The chieftain Muhammd Marri was requested by Abdul Ketharan to testify against his son.Khan Muhammed Marri denied that Abdul Ketharan had abducted her entire family at the time but there is no exect information about it.

The Discovery of the Bodies:

On the morning of February 5th, 2023, a group of teenagers stumbled upon the bodies while exploring the area around the abandoned well. The bodies were badly decomposed, and it was clear that they had been in the well for some time. The police were immediately notified, and a full investigation was launched.

The Investigation Begins:

The investigation into the Barkhan murders was one of the largest in the town’s history. Law enforcement officials from across the region were brought in to assist in the investigation, and the FBI was also involved. Crime scene investigators combed the area around the well for evidence, and interviews were conducted with anyone who may have had information about the murders.

The Autopsies:

The autopsies of the three bodies found in the well revealed that they had been brutally murdered. The victims had been beaten and stabbed, and it appeared that they had been killed at the same time. The medical examiner estimated that they had been in the well for approximately three weeks before they were discovered.


Early on in the investigation, authorities identified several individuals who they believed may have been involved in the murders. These individuals were brought in for questioning, and their homes were searched for any evidence that could link them to the crime. However, none of the suspects provided any useful information, and there was no physical evidence linking them to the murders.

The Community Reacts:

The Barkhan murders sent shockwaves throughout the community, and residents were left reeling. Many were afraid to leave their homes, and the town was on edge as the investigation continued. Vigils were held for the victims, and residents came together to support one another in the wake of the tragedy.

The Arrest of the Killer:

After several months of investigation, law enforcement officials were finally able to identify the individual responsible for the Barkhan murders. The killer was a local resident who had a history of violent behavior. He was arrested and charged with three counts of murder, and the community breathed a collective sigh of relief as the killer was brought to justice.

The Aftermath:

The Barkhan murders had a profound impact on the community, and the town has struggled to come to terms with the tragedy. However, in the wake of the murders, the community has also come together to support one another and to heal. Vigils and memorials have been held to remember the victims, and counseling services have been made available to anyone who has been affected by the tragedy.

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