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China will replace the US as the biggest economy in the world by the end of the decade, having outshone its opponent during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Centre for Economics and Business Research said that the value of the Chinese economy, calculated in dollars, is now set to surpass that of the US by 2028, nearly a decade sooner than scheduled a year ago. The UK-based consulting firm, in its yearly league table of growth opportunities for 193 countries, said that China had rapidly rebounded from the impact of Covid-19 and will rise by 2% in 2020 as the one big global economy to develop. With the US forecast to contract by 5% this year, China will close the gap with its largest competitor, said the Center for Economics and Market Analysis. Overall, the global inflation rate is expected to decline by 4.4% this year, the largest yet another decline since before the Second World War.

Centre for Economics and Business Research Deputy Chairman Review :

The important concern in this prediction is the pace of growth of the Chinese economy. We expect it to become a top economy during the initial five plan period (2020-25). And we’re expecting it to surpass the US a full five years sooner than we did a year ago. Other Asian economies are still shooting the league table. One message for American governments, who have done reasonably poorly mostly during a disease outbreak, is that they’ll need to pay even more attention to the news in Asia, instead of merely staring at someone. The UK’s growth rate is forecast to be 4.0 percent annually from 2021-25 and 1.8 percent periodically from 2026-30 and 1.8 percent annually from 2031-35 The United Kingdom is expected to be surpassed by India in 2024, but or else it will remain in the league standings until 2025. By 2035, the UK GDP in dollars is estimated to be 40% higher than France, its long-standing competitor, and neighbor.

China Global Gross Domestics Product:

China’s reliance on foreign Gross domestic product grew from 3.6 percent in 2000 to 17.8 percent in 2019 and will start to expand, CEBR said. It will have reached the per capita mark of $12,536 (£9,215) to become an elevated economy by 2023. Yet living conditions in China will remain much lower than in the US and Western European nations. Across the Us, the annual per capita income is just over $63,000, while in the United Kingdom it is just over $39,000. The CEBR said that an exit from the EU would not preclude the United Kingdom – likely to be the world’s fifth-largest economy in 2020, from becoming one of the highest growing economies over the next 15 years. Since surpassing France and the United Kingdom last year, India dropped back behind the United Kingdom as a result of a sudden fall in the value of the rupee. But the dip will be short-lived, with the globe’s second most populated nation expected to become the third-largest market by 2035.


The CEBR argued that environmental concerns will continue to have a significant influence on the dynamics of the international economy within the next 15 years, after a time in which the consequences of global warming was becoming more visible than previously feared. The sea level is predicted to increase by 45cm from the 2000 base by 2035. This contrasts with the 20cm smaller growth expected two years earlier by 2030. With more nations preparing to shift towards a net carbon zero economies in the upcoming years, the CEBR argued that there will be reduced demand for fossil fuels and lower oil prices. The cost of a barrel of crude oil will sink below $30 by 2035.



Published in Aljazeera

CEBR stands for: Centre for Economics and Business Research

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