Abbottabad Sees Highest Covid-19 Positivity Ratio Again
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Abbottabad Situation of COVID-19 Pandemic:

As per the information given by the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), 1,853 individuals got the infection while 57 lost their lives. The absolute number of dynamic cases all through the nation remained at 39,329 with 9,874 passing having accounted for since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic[1].

Abbottabad had additionally figured on top on Dec 21st when it recorded a 40.32 percent proportion of COVID-19 cases. As per Sunday’s information, the public energy proportion was 5.57pc with Abbottabad seeing the most elevated rate at 25.53pc, trailed by Karachi at 13.56pc, and Faisalabad recording 10.14pc[1].

NCOC Reports an Alarming COVID-19 Positivity rate in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
NCOC Reports an Alarming COVID-19 Positivity rate in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Ratio Determination in Different Regions:

The proportion determined based on certain outcomes in 100 examples. The information likewise indicated that Azad Kashmir revealed 11.54pc inspiration rate, Baluchistan, 7.69pc; Sindh, 7.36pc; Khyber Pakhtun­khwa, 7.15pc; Punjab, 3.98pc; Islamabad, 3.81pc and Gilgit-Baltistan, 0.89pc[1].

Ventilators for COVID-19 in Pakistan:

Generally, 314 ventilators out of the all-out distributed for Covid-19 patients used across Pakistan, with 54pc involved in Multan, trailed by Islamabad, 42pc; Lahore, 34pc and Peshawar, 31pc. Around 65pc oxygen beds were being used in Peshawar, 37pc in Multan, 33pc in Islamabad, and 32pc in Rawalpindi[1].

Covid-19 testing lab opens in Abbottabad I Pakistan Observer

The center said 2,282 Covid-19 patients were in basic condition and their number was rising. Contrasted with the 2.09pc casualty rate in Pakistan, the worldwide proportion was 2.19pc. In addition, 70pc patients in Pakistan were guys, 77.5pc were more than 50 years, 73pc had persistent comorbidities and 91pc of the perished had remained hospitalized[1].

Novel COVID-19 First Time Determination in China:

Novel COVID-19 was first distinguished in China in December a year ago which at that point spread to different nations. Pakistan shut its outskirts and found a way to stop the spread. The primary instance of the infection was accounted for in Pakistan in the most recent seven day stretch of February[1].

Lahore, Abbottabad see peak pollution as COVID-19
Lahore, Abbottabad see peak pollution as COVID-19

World Health Organization Military Initiatives:

On March 13, the gathering of the National Security Committee, including top common and military initiative, was held to examine the emergency which was pronounced a pandemic by the World Health Organization[1].

Prime Minister Imran Khan Discuss About COVID-19 and its Spreading:

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who had led the gathering, guided the significant specialists to devise a far-reaching system to check the spread of the infection. Lockdown was reported on March 16 and various enterprises, instructive organizations, eateries, and marriage corridors were shut[1].

The National Disaster Management Authority:

The National Disaster Management Authority included guaranteeing the accessibility of clinical gear and wellbeing related supplies at the most punctual. After the development business opened on Aug 7, the National Coordination Committee on Covid-19 lifted limitations on the travel industry on Aug 8 and on cafés and transport area from Aug 10. It additionally gave a schedule for opening different areas, including instructive establishments and marriage lobbies[1].

Developing Countries Are Hurtling Toward Coronavirus Catastrophic
Developing Countries Are Hurtling Toward Coronavirus Catastrophic

In the wake of facilitating of limitations, an enormous number of individuals crowded public spots without following the SOPs. Accordingly, vacationer locations in Gilgit-Baltistan must be shut[1].

NCOC Declaration of Second Wave in the World:

In October, cases began to quickly rise, following which the NCOC authoritatively proclaimed it the beginning of the subsequent wave. At first, instructive establishments from where cases accounted for shut for a couple of days, and a lockdown strategy reported for problem areas. Be that as it may, as the circumstance declined, the NCOC on Nov 11 chose to upgrade limitations in various areas, lastly shut down instructive establishments on Nov 26v.

Institutions Opening Date:

Broadened winter vacations declared with the organizations expected to open on Jan 11, 2021. Then again, the infection changed itself in the UK after which Pakistan joined different nations in confining flight activities from Britain[1].

In Pakistan Several COVID patients die after oxygen runs out
In Pakistan, Several COVID-19 patients died after oxygen runs out


The conclusion is that the second wave of Novel COVID-19 very harmful for the human being and the living creature. World Health Organization also gives instructions for the protection of itself. Prime Minister Imran also said that there are many cases of COVID-19, spreading all over the world. He said that protection can save our public life. The institutions will re-open from 11th January 2021. We should protect ourselves from the Novel COVID-19.

Abbottabad Ka Ayub Medical Complex Corona Ka Elaj Talash Karne Main Shamil


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