The Precious time spent on infront of the road signals of a common man.
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Average American Wait for Traffic Lights:

In case you’re one of the 115 million Americans who head to work in a vehicle, consistently, chances are there are not many things that baffle you more than stalling out Waiting at Red Lights. Lamentably, those valuable minutes you spend trusting that light will change are something other than irritating: they’re a significant time-suck, as well[1].

Feeling In-front of a Red Light:

While red lights regularly feel like they take a deep length of time to change, that is not exactly the situation. As per the National Association of City Transportation Officials, the ideal measure of time for light to stay red is somewhere in the range of 60 and 90 seconds. That implies that, preferably, a metropolitan driver would spend a normal of 75 seconds holding up at every red light[1].

Americans spend six months of whole life infront of red lights to turn green
Americans spend six months of whole life in front of red lights to turn green | Waiting at Red Lights

It’s the ideal opportunity for some math:

If you consider the gauge that roughly 20% of all driving time is spent at red lights, that can surely add up. As per AAA, the normal American goes through 17,600 minutes of driving every year. That is 3,520 minutes, or 58.6 hours, spent holding up at red lights at regular intervals. On the off chance that you begin driving at the age of 15 and end your driving days when you turn 65, that implies you’ll have gone through 2,930 hours sitting at stoplights before you even resign. Put another way: that is 122 days or around 4 months of your life tapping your fingers in the driver’s seat[1].

Also, in case you’re one of those overachievers who choose to push their retirement to 75, that number shoots as long as 142 hours, or 4.7 months sitting at red lights[1].

Increasing Number of Organizations Affecting Human’s Life:

The Good news? Nowadays, an ever-increasing number of organizations permit representatives to work from home, so the measure of time you spend sitting tight for green lights could fall, on the off chance that you do want. Also, if that sounds engaging to you, have your cake (no driving) and eat it as well (great wages) by scoring one of these 25 Work-from-Home Jobs with High Salaries[1].

Americans Time Consume every day While Working Different Tasks:

As per a Timex overview, Americans pause[2]:

  • on normal of 20 minutes every day for the transport or train
  • 32 minutes at whatever point they visit a specialist
  • 28 minutes in security lines at whatever point they travel
  • 21 minutes for a huge other to prepare to go out
  • 13 hours yearly looking out for hold for a client care
  • 38 hours every year holding up in rush hour gridlock
  • those living in Big urban areas stand by in rush hour gridlock over 50 hours yearly = around 37 billion hours every year holding up in line someplace.
Even a Soprts man, waiting for walk away from the Zebra Crossing
Even a Sports man, waiting for walk away from the Zebra Crossing | Waiting at Red Lights

Time Consume for Purchasing Different Products:

People go through around a half year of their lives hanging tight in line for things, it implies like 3 days per year of queueing up. The normal individual goes through around 43 days on hold with robotized client assistance in one lifetime. The individuals who take the transport will stand by around 27 days of their lives sticking around on the stage or at the bus station[2].

  • Also, shouldn’t something be said about our Phones?
  • We go through 23 days per year on our telephones
  • An hour and a half daily
  • 9 years of the normal individual’s life

Telephone or Mobile Usage:

The “Telephone” signifies to call someone however this is presently the 6th most utilized element. Before there are web-based media and gaming. Web perusing comes first spot on the list with individuals burning through 24% of their portable perusing the web, firmly followed by time spent on applications. 57% of the people declare they needn’t bother with a morning timer and half of the individuals who wear a watch utilize at any rate the telephone as the best option for knowing the time[2].

This led me to the universally well-known line for the dispatch of each iPhone, since 2007 they expanded constantly their highlights[2].

As indicated by a source, an assistant at Bloomberg News, the main man in the line has been holding up since August-25 which implies over 10 days before the iPhone 7 was revealed. In New York, weird things may occur: like a spot in a deal for 300$ or other Apple fans who are paying others to line for them. An “ace line-sitter” guarantee that he got paid 3.400$ every week to stand by there. Tents have been pitched on the asphalt outside the shop and a few people were sitting in foldable seats[2].

New Zealand Robotics System for Purchasers:

In New Zealand, the line was taken to another level: the initial 100 clients got a robot to sit tight in line for them and this will permit the clients to stand by inline utilizing Face Time[2].

The average person spends 6 months of their lifetime waiting to turn light into green
The average person spends 6 months of their lifetime waiting to turn light into green


According to My Conclusion; Really, the normal traffic signal can return an entire moment to cycle to green. From my home to my number one cafe, I’m seeing 10 stoplights of which I’ll hit most. Yet how about we be a traditionalist and say half, so 5. If I go each Friday night, I’m taking a gander at around 20 minutes every month. That is 4 hours per year. If I live till the age of 90 and I’ve gone each Friday come what may, that is 360 hours or 15 days. What’s more, that is only a trip outing TO that cafe one coffee shop once per week.


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