Pak suzuki to shut down production for three more days
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Suzuki is not happy about having to shut down the factories for three more days in October because of poor sales. Suzuki has announced to its employees that it will shut down its factories for three days from October 17th to October 19th. It is said that the company will shut down production for three more days in December to make up for the losses it will incur during the shutdown.

The decision was made because the cars produced by the company didn’t perform well in the market. So far, the company has reported that they lost US$400 million each month they produce vehicles. It is said that if production doesn’t resume, the company will have to close all the manufacturing plants.

Pak suzuki to shut down production for three more days

The company is closing its manufacturing plants in Sakai, Kiyosumi, and Tomizuka on October 14, 18, and 24, respectively. The plant in Sakai will shut down for 24 hours. The other two plants will close for four days. The reason why the company has decided to shut down its production lines for a more extended period of time is that the workers have had a month to work with new production line equipment.

In order to ensure the production of quality products, the company has decided to shut down its production facilities for a longer period of time. This will help the company to improve the efficiency of the production process. The company is hoping that this step will allow them to maintain its competitiveness in the Japanese car market. They are concerned about the rising labor costs in Japan.

There is no news yet about when the company will start up again. They have already announced that they will restart on November 1.

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