Do You Know That PHP was Not Made for Programming
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Did You Know That There are Many Beneficial Fun Facts About PHP?

Initially made by Danish-Canadian developer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP a universally useful programming language that normally utilized in the organization of worker side contents. It’s controlled by the open-source stage Zend Engine, and can either installed straightforwardly into HTML or utilized in substance the board frameworks (CMS) or web systems. While most website admins and software engineers have a fundamental comprehension of PHP Language and how it functions, we will investigate a portion of the fun, lesser-realized realities encompassing it[1].

PHP Language Interesting Facts:

Suraski and Gutmans modified the center of PHP 3, creating the Zend Engine in 1999. He likewise established Zend Technologies in Ramat Anthem, Israel. On 22nd May2000, PHP 4 was dispatched[2].

On 13th July 2004, PHP 5 dispatched by the new Zend Engine II. PHP 5 presented uphold for object-situated programming with all capacities. I was there in PHP 3 and PHP 4, yet just the essential highlights[2].

In mid-October 2015, PHP 7 dispatched, fueled by Zend Engine 3, uniform variable sentence structure, AST-based assemblage measure, added Closure:: call (), consistency of bit-level looking across stages, administrator (invalid combination), and Unicode code point get away from punctuation. PHP initially intended to make dynamic and intelligent website pages. It is the most utilized, open-source, and universally useful scripting language[2].

Facts update about the PHP language and its formation
Facts update about the PHP language and its formation

Most Popular Projects of 2019-2020[2]:

  • Laravel with more than 30K stars on Github: a PHP structure for web Artisans.
  • Symfony with 14K + stars on Github: it is an acclaimed PHP language structure.
  • CodeIgniter with 14K + stars on Github: it’s an open-source PHP system.
  • PHP DesignPartners: test code for different plan designs in PHP with 11K + stars.
  • Faker: it is a PHP library that creates bogus information for you with more than 10K stars in Github.

Did You Know How Much the PHP Programmer Can Earn[2]?

  • As indicated by PayScale: $ 39,791 – $ 97,951. Thus, $ 64K middle.
  • As indicated by Glassdoor: $ 40,000 – $ 1,00,000. Thus, $ 70K medium.
  • As indicated by Stack overflow: $ 60,000 in the United States. However, you will find a new line of work effectively on the off chance that you know PHP.

All in all, do you love doing the code in PHP? Offer your fascinating realities about PHP with us to study other amusement! You can join PHP preparing in Chandigarh organization to learn programming humor[2].

PHP has a Mascot:

Who says mascots restricted to sports groups? A few famous programming dialects, including PHP and Java, additionally have mascots. Java’s mascot is a dark, white and red animation character named Duke, while PHP’s mascot is a major blue elephant that is appropriately named elePHPant[1].

PHP Wasn’t Meant to program Language:

Shockingly, Lerdorf has never expected PHP to turn into a programming language. He had made the language, or interface at that point, to deal with his site[1].

“I don’t have the foggiest idea how to stop it, there was never any goal to compose a programming language,” uncovered Lerdorf while examining the beginning of PHP. “I have positively no clue about how to compose a programming language, I just continued including the following legitimate advance the way. [1]”

Top 10 websites built with PHP technology
Top 10 websites built with PHP technology

PHP Originally Stood for ‘Individual Home Page’:

While PHP perceived today as a recursive backronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor,” it was initially an abbreviation for “individual landing page,” alluding to its utilization on Lerdorf’s site. As the language developed, so did its importance[1].

There are More than 5 Million PHP Developers:

It’s hazy precisely the number of PHP designers there are on the planet, even though Zend as of late assessed the number to associate with 5 million[1].

PHP 7 Dubbed ‘PHP Next Generation’:

Created by Dmitry Stogov, Xinchen Hui, and Nikita Popov to improve PHP execution through refactoring, PHP 7 was initially named “PHP Next Generation (phpng) [1]”

Albeit Free, PHP not Distributed Under the General Public License:

PHP has unquestionably limitations that keep it from being dispersed under the General Public License (GPL). For example, items made or got from PHP may not contain PHP in their particular names without authorization from the PHP Group. Therefore, PHP isn’t viable with GPL[1].

PHP Used on 244+ Million Websites:

As indicated by Netcraft’s Web Server Survey, around 244 million sites run PHP as of January 2013. This number is likely considerably higher today given the far-reaching utilization of PHP in website composition and improvement[1].

Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP inventor) - conference in Milan
Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP inventor) – conference in Milan


The conclusion is that there are many languages for programming in the world. But PHP largely used in the whole world. PHP used in the world for basic learning programming language and also used in the word press, eCommerce, and other such websites. These languages are to embedded with each other. Is also the most secure language in the world for making any program or logic. It not made for the programming language. The founder of PHP said that he was making some logic to do some work. We hope you enjoyed the post and share your valuable comments in the comment section below. Also, share with others to spread information. Subscribe to our newsletter of website, so that you can find the latest facts-update from the website.

25 years of PHP – Rasmus Lerdorf


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