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Introduction of Munir Sadiq:

Birth23rd February 1955
SpouseMrs. Farhana
ChildrenArslan Sadiq & daughter Nowaryah Sadiq
EducationIntermediate, Cadet College Petaro
Intermediate completion year1973
RankPakistan Navy 
Navy joining year1978 
Pakistan first medalEnterprise-Class
Partner in GameByram Avari
2nd-time partnerMuhammad Zakaullah
Game year1986
Game eventsAsian Games, South Korea, Beijing, China, Hiroshima games, Summer Olympics
Hiroshima games1994
Hiroshima game partnerMamoon Sadiq
ProfessionSailing Gamer
First Award1978 in Bangkok Games
Award from BangkokSilver medal
Games competed470 Games
Awards5 times gold medals in Asian games Pride of Performance (1987)

Basic information:

Munir Sadiq was born on 23rd February 1955, he was a former Pakistani sailing professional gamer. He won three times in “Asian games gold medalist” in sailing. He won the first award of a game at “Bangkok games” in the year of 1978. He won the silver medal on the enterprise level in the year of 1998 in “Asian Games.” Then, Sadiq became the first sailor who wins 5 medals in the Asian Games. He took part in more than 470 events in the year 1984 of that name is “Summer Olympics[1].

Early life:

Munir Sadiq was born on 23rd February 1955, lived in the town of Petaro, Karachi, Pakistan. He got his early education from Petaro and joined the college in Petaro in the year of 1971, completed the college intermediate education, and joined the Pakistan Navy[2].


He did marriage with Mrs. Farhana on 1st October 1985 and they have only 2 children[2].

The interest of games:

He had an interest in college games, was a member of the college Squash and table tennis teams in the Cadet College Petaro. He got an award in Table tennis in the year of 1972[2].

Joining of Navy:

When he completed the intermediate education in Petaro, he joined Pakistan Navy in the year of 1973. Due to his good performance in the navy, he became Captain. He fond of yachting in the year 1974 after joining the navy.[2].

Munir Sadiq yachting
Munir Sadiq yachting on his ship

World Class Yachtsman:

He was so able and got fame in some years. He was in the Navy and got the post of lieutenant in the Navy. He got the first Gold Medal in yachting for Pakistan with his partner Byram Avari which was the 8th Asian games at Pattaya, in Thailand Country in the year 1978. This was the great achievement for Pakistan’s nation and the biggest surprise because there was no single Official government support for the game before this man. This Pakistani pair was not sponsored by Pakistan and they had to do all on their foot[2].

They won the gold medal on their effort and hard training. This event made Pakistan proud which was based on the efforts and hardworking that the greatest achievement[2].

PYA official Status:

This greatest achievement opened the way for the government to an official agreement to this sport and thus how the Pakistan Sailing Federation (PSAF) has been known to be the Pakistan Yachting Association (PYA) which is the official status[2].

Lipton Trophy:

He got the Prize of “Lipton Trophy” in the year of 1979 and was representing Pakistan in the Southern Asia Yachting Regatta in Sri Lanka[2].

Professional Yachtsman:

In the year of 1981, he went for the World’s Championship which was held in Canada. Due to took part in World Championship he got fame in the world and became the professional Yachtsman in the World Championship in Canada[2].

In the same year, he got participated in the Canadian National championship and intermediate Nicket Company of Canada Trophy. He also made his name in both the game competition events. After that there was an event which was held in America, America invited him to participate in the US Open Championship and he got 2nd position at there[2].

This was followed by the Southern Asia Yachting Regatta in Bombay; at that place, he defended and retained his trophy that he had won in Sri Lanka earlier. He also won the Rose Bowl Trophy. In the year of 1982, he was declared as the national yachting champion. In the year of 1986, he went for the Nassau Coach Trophy which was World Championship held in the United Kingdom[2].

Pakistan's sailing competing with each other
Pakistan’s sailing competing with each other

In the same year, he also won the 2nd Gold medal in the 10th Asian Games which was held in Seoul, South Korea. After that, he won the 3rd Gold medal in 11th Asian Games which was held in Beijing in China in the year of 1990[2].

In the year of 1993, he won the Silver Medal at the 12th Asian Games at Hiroshima in the year 1994 when was with his younger brother Mammon (which was Naval Officer). Again, both the brothers won the 13th Asian Games in Bangkok and got Silver medal in the year of 1998[2].


Due to his continuous good performance in the competition Captain, PN Munir Sadiq was awarded by the President of Pakistan by the award “Pride of performance medal in 1987. [2]”

Munir Sadiq
Munir Sadiq got Gold medal on his 1st place in Yachtsman Competition


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