Israel and Palestine Fights, and the Greater Israel Before the World End
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There are many fights between Israel and Palestine, these fights now turned into a war which is very dangerous for both countries especially for Israel. If we go through history, many scholars said that Israel came from the Hebrew Bible. Israel considered Abraham considered the father of Judaism and Islam (but Islam did not consider Abraham as the father of Judaism). In this, blog we will briefly explain the History of Israel and Palestine Conflict.

State of Israel is Born Historic Newspaper
State of Israel is Born Historic Newspaper

History of Israel and Palestine Conflict:

How Israel Came into Existence:

Israel came into existence after the Jews came to Palestine for taking shelter in the year 1943. This was then when “Hitler” destroyed their land and houses in Germany, these Jews run away from Germany. No country gave them shelter and living space, America, France, Cuba, Canada, and other Europeans return them from their ports.

Burying the Nakba How Israel systematically hides eviden
Burying the Nakba How Israel systematically hides evidence of 1948 explosion of Arab

At last, the Jews reached the port of Palestine and they have banners in their hand on which it was written “The German destroyed our families & Home, don’t you destroy our hopes.”

After that, the Palestinians gave them land for living and give them food. It was just because of humanity. Today, these are the same Jews that are thankless people and beat the innocent people of Palestine. The Tana Shah Adolf Hitler killed over 60 lac Jews and release the remaining them as saying that “I left them alive for such that the World sees them why I killed”.

About 722 B.C, the Assyrians attacked and demolished the North part of Israel. After 568 B.C Babylonians ruled over Jerusalem and destroyed the former temple and after that again built-in 516 B.C. Israel gradually conquered Palestine and now, they conquer on a vast land of Palestine. America and other Jewish communities of different countries supports Israel. History of Israel and Palestine Conflict.

America and Israel Towards Hackl-e-Sulemani:

As you know Israel is a tiny land that is supported by America. The America and Israel are against the Muslims because they are Jews and according to the Islamic point of view they never became the friends with Muslims. The Hackl-e-Sulemani and Taboot-e-Sakina are in Palestine. The common belief of Israeli’s, Jews, descendants of Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S). The name of Israel came after Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S) and these people became Bani Israel. History of Israel and Palestine Conflict.

Israel, America, the Hackl-e-Sulemani and Taboot-e-Sakeena
Israel, America, the Hackl-e-Sulemani and Taboot-e-Sakeena

Although, Jews are facing a tough time conquering and moving to Palestine and also wanted to move to Arab land. The Hackl-e-Sulemani was destroyed 2nd time by the Romans and after that Christians made Church at this place after that Hazrat Umer Farooq (R.A) visited Palestine and he could not find it. He offered a prayer and at that time Masjid-e-Aqsa was built. After that, the Jews said that this place belongs to them.

Jews Culture and the Muslim World:

History of Israel and Palestine Conflict. Now the Israeli’s and other countries fear Muslims and they are going to weaken the Muslim’s power by giving them different fashion like nudity and other VIP trends to promote the Muslims weaker than others religion. They are setting the trends by adding them into the culture and giving attractive ads and such types of things. Now, the Arab countries weaker and they wanted to live a luxurious life. The tallest buildings and urbanization showed us that Arabs going towards the destruction of their lives and also the other countries. Now, you came to know that the Israeli wanted to conquer Masjid-e-Aqsa and also wanted to conquer the world after the Dajjal came.

Prediction of Dr. Israr Ahmed:

According to the prediction of Dr. Israr Ahmed is that the Israeli Jews will also slave the Christians and ruled over. They are trying to capture all the Europeans and gradually going to be rule over them. The United States of America and the United Arab Emirates are also supporting them. He also predicted that the Muslims from the East (Non-Arabs) will be gathered. They will make such a tremendous force against them. After that, the Jews will be attacked on Palestine and there will many people and innocent children, women, and other citizens died.

Prediction of Dr. Israr Ahmed, and the relations between Pakistan and Turkey
Prediction of Dr. Israr Ahmed

India and Pakistan, an Important Area of non-Arab Muslims:

Pakistan and India, which is an important part of World

As you know that India was portion into two in the war of 1947. The Hindus terrified nation that frightened from the death. They do not want to die and scared from the Muslims. Because Muslims have a power of Islam inside them. They know that if they die, they move to Jannah. That’s why the Muslims have their broad mind for Jannah and wanted to die on the way of ALLAH.

The conflict between Pakistan and Indian is the issue of Kashmir that is not solving from many years. Pakistan and India doing trading from this area and also doing trading. The Kashmir is the main issue that the United Nations can not resolve and also from the OIC.

India Wanted to Threaten Muslims by Israel Technology:

India threaten Muslims by Israel
India threaten Muslims by Israel

Our neighbor India showed us Israel a tremendous power in terms of weapons and technology. But they do not have the faith in them that a Muslim have. The Muslims believe that there is no other way to give our life for Islam and will got Jannah. We can see that there are many technological advancements that came from the Israel like HP, Pampers, Victoria’s secret (Garments company), Volvo (vehicles), Intel Inside (Computers and laptop manufacturers), Motorola mobiles company and McDonald’s.

The Muslims do not worry from these technologies, there are many countries that do not scared from the bigger power and technologies like Pakistan, Turkey and Iran.

Pakistan also has very heavy weapons and missiles technology that do not have any other country. The Pakistani forces are highly trained and professional which is ranking the world. The ISI is a Pakistani Intelligence department that is not beatable from any other country.

Pakistanis Taken Down Indian Planes with Israeli Pilot:

Know the cost of India's MiG-21 fighter jets downed by Pakistan
Know the cost of India’s MiG-21 fighter jets downed by Pakistan

The Pakistani forces recently in 2019 taken down the Indian Pilot who was Wing Commander Leader Abhinandan Varthaman and an Israeli Pilot who was not shown to the world by the Squadron Leader Hassan Mahmood Siddiqui of Pakistani Air Force (PAF). Turkey is also a power country that became very popular among the Muslim countries and also in Pakistan.

Tayyip Erdoğan not frightened from any Jews and other religions, who is most pure person to support Islam and the Islamic countries. These three countries are the main that have true power of Islam in them and also power of faith in their hearts.

Palestine’s Defense:

History of Israel and Palestine Conflict. The people of Palestine also defend themselves from their attacks but they could not resist after that they will conquer Masjid-e-Aqsa and Jews will built Hackel-e-Sulemani. It will be possible because of the Dajjal when he came to the world. He will be ruled over the world, he will carry Jannah (heaven) at his right hand and Jahanum (Hell) at his left hand. They are giving their lives on the way of ALLAH (S.W.T) by smiling and captured by Israeli’s soldier. Many Muslims gave their lives in which most of them are women and children. They beat and torcher by many methods, Israeli thought that they are terrorist, but in reality, they are themselves terrorists.

Israel and America Relations:

How the economic elite drives the US Israel relationship
How the economic elite drives the US Israel relationship

Now the United States of America is the one of Israeli’s closest partners. America is fully supportive of Israel; they are supporting in the form of weapons. America is defending due to not listening of the Muslim countries, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran and Lebanon are together against Israel. The Fitna from all of the Fitnas is that the people will follow the European cultures and they liked their things that they made.

Every Arab country became the slave of Israel and America, they need to fulfil their needs from these two countries. The United Nations provide aid to Pakistan and other countries, and Pakistan wanted that the United Nations can solve this.

Plan of Israel to Become Greater Israel With the Help of Neom City:

History of Israel and Palestine Conflict. The Israel wanted to become the greater Israel in which there are many countries will be lost their land and also the vast amount of people will die. The greater Israel will become because of the help of Saudi Arabia help, because Saudi Arabia wanted to make a city with the name of “Neom city”, in which there will be all the facilities provided and all the Haram (forbidden) works allowed in that city. The people of Saudi that are living at the place of Neom city had sent out from that place by giving them the amount for buying new place at any other place for living.

Muhammad Bin Salman’s Master Plan to make Neom city in Saudi Arabia to attract world

Master Plan of Salman bin Abdulaziz and the Planning by Israel:

For the first time the Israeli plane landed on the land of Saudi Arabia. This is because Saudi Arabia wanted to made city. The president of Israel met with Saudi Salman bin Abdulaziz for the master plan of city. There will be modern beaches and modern living style, but this living style will be according to the style of Israel. They wanted to impose such type of living and there will be no Islamic rule.

Conquering of Other Countries the New World Order:

After that, Israel will conquer the other countries with the help of America and other European countries. The greater Israel will be on the land of half Saudi Arabia, half Iraq, a huge land from the side of Egypt, more than half area of Syria. Then they will be ruled over the world and new world order will came. On the other hand, Muslim’s countries also struggling to fight against them. But they could not resist the Arab countries due to their not attention towards Islam and the Islamic teachings. They only follow the European culture and living style.

Appearance of Imam Mehdi (A.S) in the world:

The Appearance of Imam Mehdi (A.S)
The Appearance of Imam Mehdi (A.S) and the War with Dajjal and its followers

The Jews will be ruled over the world after conquering the world. Then ALLAH sent Imam Mehdi in the world to spread peace and Justice in the earth. After that the huge war between the Dajjal and Imam Mehdi will take place, after the arrival of Esa Ibn-e-Maryam. He will lead all the Muslims.

There is not direct direction of Imam Mehdi appearance but Hadith gave us the signs of arrival before the Dajjal appearance.

Islamic Point of View and the Arrival of Dajjal:

According to the Islamic point of view, there will be the three years preceding his appearance before Dajjal’s arrival and after Imam Mehdi. 3 years to appear before Dajjal, in the first year the Heaven there will be a third less rain in comparison with the years before. There will be a third lesser growth of crops than the crops before. In the second year, the world would withhold two-thirds of its rain and the earth will produce two-third of its crops. In the third year, Heaven will withhold all of its rain and the earth all of its crops. There will not be a single drop of rain on the earth and there will not be a single crop. Most of the animals will die and also the humans die.

Meanwhile, The Muslim Army will have just conquered Constantinople and they will be on the verge of sharing the spoils of the war between them. While suddenly they will hear that the Dajjal has come out. ALLAH (S.W.T) given the Dajjal the superpowers, some of his Fitnas the Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) in his Hadith of An- Nawwas B. Sam’an (R.A) has mentioned some of his Fitnas. He will come with the group of people that call them towards the false religion. He will be called them to called him ALLAH (GOD) to call him the creator of their lord. These people will call and also believe in him as the Lord.

The Dajjal Order and the Fulfilment of Order at the Spot:

According to Hadith Sahih Muslim (2937a), (the translation meaning) He will order the sky to pour rain and the sky will pour rain, he will order to grow crops the earth will grow crops. The people that belief in him pasturing animals will graze on this land and these animals will return to him in the evening with their pumps very high and there are others very large and their flanks full.

A group of people that will not accept as ALLAH, will not call him their creator. Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) says that the true believers have rejected him when these people wake up in the morning, these people will be penniless, their properties will go their animals die and they not have a single thing left. With it inside the hands, therefore his Fitna is the biggest in the world. The true believers who rejected him will have to suffer hardships and difficulties. But the Dajjal believers have a very luxurious and peaceful life which was very short and will not always. Hazrat Isa (A.S) will be fighting against the Dajjal and Hazrat Isa (A.S) will beat him.

Appearance of Yajuj Majuj and their Fight:

The appearance of Yajuj and Majuj will after the appearance of Hazrat Esa (A.S) who will fight against the Yajuj and Majuj. They will drink all the water from the world and all the food of Muslims and of other people will eat. The people will also fight against them for their rights but they do not do so, due to the power of Yajuj and Majuj. At last, Hazrat Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Esa (A.S) will fight against them. After that, a huge rain will come from the sky and all their blood flow to the sea and some absorb by the earth.

Islam Rule over the world:

Then there will be the rule of Islam all over the world. The Muslims will be only that lived in the Islamic world, will live their life according to the Islamic teachings. After some years of the Islamic world, Qayamah will appear in the world. A huge amount of fog came and dispersed in the world, after that all will be normal. One day the sun will appear from the west and after some time appear from the East. But at that time, according to the Islamic point of view, the deeds will not be acceptable to humans. The people of the whole world will be frightened from that day. The Qayamah will appear all the universe will destroy and all the human beings will die. Their souls will be gathered at the land of “Arafat”. Then ALLAH (S.W.T) will start the judgment of the deeds of the people of all Ummahs.

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