Do You Know That Gujrat is Famous For Cutlery , Fans, and Furniture in Across Pakistan.
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Gujrat one of the urban communities of area Punjab and the capital of locale Gujarat arranged in Pakistan’s east. The city situated on the popular Grand Trunk (GT) Road. Waterway Chenab streams from the southern side while River Jehlam streams from its northern side. Gujrat in Pakistan[1].

Its eastern neighbor Sialkot, Jehlam arranged in the North, Mandi Bahauddin in the west, and Gujranwala situated in its south. The city spread over a region 65Km2 long, including three association chambers: Gujrat, Kharian, and Sarai Alamgir. Its separation from Lahore is 125 Km toward the north and 170 Km toward the south of Islamabad[1].

Three tehsils, in particular Sarai Alamgir, Kharian, and Gujrat are essential for the city. The city popular for its industry and important for the acclaimed brilliant triangle framed by the three mechanical urban areas, including Sialkot and Gujranwala. This article contains all the data about the city, including Gujrat History[1].

Raja Bachan Pal:

The historical backdrop of the city goes back to 522 B.C (470 A.D. Approx.). It is probably the most seasoned settlement of Punjab. As per a British antiquarian, the city found by Raja Bachan Pal. Conventions portray that the city existed even before the attack of Alexander the Great. A Rajput Raja established the city in the fifth century B.C[1].

Akbar Fort Gujrat Punjab Pakistan
Akbar Fort Gujrat Punjab Pakistan

Mughal Emperor Akbar:

All through the ages, the city was additionally a resting place for rulers for their Royal Journey to Kashmir. Indeed, even before the Mughals, Sher Shah Suri colonized the area. At the point when the Mughal head, Akbar, assumed control over the rule, the city was additionally evolved, and agrarian and peaceful clans, Guggers, were approached to settle here and add to the area’s turn of events[2].

English Control:

The city name then credited to those Guggar clans. English took control and attached Punjab by overcoming Sikh in a fight battled in 1849. Before 1900, the entire city encircled by a stronghold divider with four entryways to enter or leave the city. Before parcel, a few instructive organizations like Govt. Zamindara College and secondary school fabricated. The occupants of the area acknowledged the lessons of Sufi holy people and accepted Islam[1].


Waterways at its two sides make the land exceptionally fruitful. The water system is predominantly through the trenches starting from the streams. Different sources incorporate Wells, Tube Wells, Canal wells, and Canal tube wells. Development of harvests like wheat, millet, sugarcane, maize, grub, and vegetable is plentiful. 253 Hectare, roughly 25.68% of the land, is utilized for development purposes[1].

Foods grew from the ground:

The cultivating of foods grown from the ground makes the city edges rich green. Tomato, Onion, Lady Finder, Tinda, Radish, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrot, Potato, Pumpkin, Cauliflower, Chillies, Coriander, Garlic, and Brinjal are bounteously developed[1].

Natural products like Apple, Apricot, Banana, Citrus, Dates, Grapes, Guava, Mango, Plums, Pomegranate, Peach, Pear Water Melon, and Musk Melon extremely renowned all through the district. Heartbeats like Moong, Mash, Moth intensely developed here. Grains development incorporates Lucern, Jowar, Bajra, Maize[1].

To get oil seeds for making cooking oil, Rape Seed, Mustard, and Sunflower additionally developed here. Live stocks like Mules, Horses, Donkeys, Camels, Bullocks, bison, and cows are brought to help ranchers up in development notwithstanding the advanced methods[1].

Featured Images of Gujrat, Punjab Province
Featured Images of Gujrat, Punjab Province

Gujrat Location:


At the point when Pakistan appeared, a sensible segment of moved individuals settled here; in this manner, the number of inhabitants in the city quickly expanded. To give open positions to all, Punjab Small Industries Corporation was set up in the city[1].


Fan fabricating is the benchmark of Gujrat. Gujrat and Gujranwala produce 98% of a wide range of electrical fans for the entire of Pakistan. The fans sent out to different nations also. The city additionally celebrated for its mud. Quality ceramics and earthenware items are additionally created here[2].

Shoe and furniture making ventures are additionally flourishing here. The city has achieved a decent name in the creation and fare of rice. Cotton merchandise, Carpets, and Brassware items likewise produced here. Little ventures produce earthenware jars, stoneware workmanship, and customary Hukkas, or the smoking lines and Palm trees leave ancient rarities[2].

Gujrat Postal and Area Code[1]:

Zone code: 053

GPO Code: 50700

Gujrat Population:

As per the 2017 enumeration, the city is genuinely populated, which makes it the twentieth biggest city in Pakistan[1].


Gujrat has a moderately warm climate in summer and chilly in winters. During the peak of summer, the daytime temperature shoots up to 45 °C (113 °F). During the winter, the minimum temperature may fall below 2 °C (36 °F). The average rainfall at Gujrat is 67 centimeters (26 in)[2].

Bangial Tehsil Kharian District Gujrat Punjab Pakistan
Bangial Tehsil Kharian District Gujrat Punjab Pakistan


The city is situated at 32°34′N 74°05′E. The environment is, in this manner, generally radiant and dry. By and large, the coldest month is January, where temperatures can be recorded as high as 53°F. July is the wettest month with normal precipitation of 11.27″[2].

The windiest month is May with a speed of 8 mph. Yearly precipitation 40.26″. The climate is 58% damp[2].


  • Notable instructive establishments of the city are:
  • University of Gujrat
  • Nawaz Sharif Medical College
  • Punjab College of Science, Gujrat Campus
  • The Superior College, Gujrat Campus
  • Beaconhouse School System
  • The Educators
  • Lahore Grammar School
  • Dar-e-Arqam Schools
  • Horticultural University of Gujrat
  • PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Gujrat Campus – M.I.T
  • Gujrat Postal Code

The travel industry[1]:

Following are the vacation destination locales:

  • Delight and Theme Parks
  • Fun Dunya
  • Focal points and Landmarks
  • Rohtas Fort
  • Hiran Minar Tomb
  • Sher-e-Kashmir University
  • Instructive locales
  • Ranbireshwar Temple
  • Raghunath Temple
  • Raghunath Bazaar
  • Vaishno Devi Mandir
  • Bahu Fort
Gujrat Bypass located Near Chenab Tool Plaza
Gujrat Bypass located Near Chenab Tool Plaza

Food and Culture:

Being important for Punjab, individuals love customary foods. They are partial to burning-through neighborhood dishes produced using wheat, rice, and meat. They love to eat hot and zesty food. Individuals celebrate and appreciate different celebrations and commemorations[1].

The merriments of holy people like Wengi Wali Sarkar and Kanwan Wali Sarkar are strictly seen around June and August. Punjab is a place that is known for sweethearts. The well-known love folktale of Sohni Mahiwal is from a similar district[1].


Local people can talk and comprehend[1]:

  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Majhi
  • English


The conclusion is that Gujrat (Punjabi, Urdu: گُجرات‎) is a city in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is the capital of Gujrat District and it is the 20th largest city of Pakistan by population. Along with the nearby cities of Sialkot and Gujranwala, Gujrat forms part of the so-called Golden Triangle of industrial cities with export-oriented economies. We hope you enjoyed the post about Gujrat facts, share your comments in the comment section below, also share with others to spread knowledge.

Karla kalan, gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan
Karla kalan, gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan


1.            4th February 2021; Available from: Pakpedia.

2.            4th February 2021; Available from: travel-culture.

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