Do You Know That Japanese Traditional Christmas Eve Meal is KFC? Know About Interesting Facts of Japan
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japan and the Interesting Facts About Japanese:

Is it true that you are searching for realities about Japanese Interesting Facts? At that point you’ve gone to the ideal spot, I love Japan! It’s an entrancing country with a novel culture and society that you truly can’t come close to different nations on the planet.

Furthermore, here, I’ve made an elite of 10 Interesting realities about Japan, and further down in the article, you can likewise peruse some broad Japan realities. To make this article considerably more fun, I challenge you to test your insight into Japan[1].

1. It’s Acceptable Habits to Gulp Your Noodles:

Japan esteems great habits profoundly, yet with regards to chowing down on bowlfuls of noodles, there’s just a single method to eat: boisterously. Slurping is an indication of happiness and chills off the noodles as you eat. Get your chopsticks in a single hand and hang them over your bowl. Face cloths are here and there accommodated outsiders, yet when you leave, you ought to have the option to finish a bowl in a white top and leave perfect[2].

Why do the Japanese slurp their noodles when eating noodles like Ramon, Udon and  Soba
Why do the Japanese slurp their noodles when eating noodles like Ramon, Udon and Soba

2. The Customary Christmas Eve Feast is KFC:

A lot of Japanese observes Christmas; however, the happy passage isn’t what you may anticipate. In Japan, it’s conventional to make a beeline for your neighborhood KFC on Christmas Eve. An expected 3.6 million Japanese devour the KFC Christmas Dinner and long periods of lining and requesting a long time ahead of time is normal. Some say turkey and chicken weren’t generally accessible for the Christmas-inquisitive Japanese, so Colonel Sanders stepped in to answer the interest…[2].

The traditional Christmas Eve meal is KFC
The traditional Christmas Eve meal is KFC

3. Japan is Generally Mountains:

Japan’s large name stars are its thickly populated urban communities, and it is anything but a nation you’d consider as a barely populated, mountain wild. Notwithstanding, around 70% of Japan is comprised of woods and mountains that aren’t reasonable for cultivating or living in. There are more than 100 dynamic volcanoes, and its tallest mountain is the celebrated Mount Fuji, with its height of 3,776 feet[2].

Japan Nagano Mountains Alps Mist
Japan Nagano Mountains Alps Mist

4. There’s a Rabbit Island in Japan:

Japan is comprised of almost 7,000 islands. The little island of Okunoshima in the Inland Sea is most popular for its inquisitive, enormous eared populace. The island was utilized to test synthetic weapons during World War II, and it’s said the guineas pigs meandered aimlessly after the war. In any case, the numbers prospered in a hunter free climate (canines and felines are prohibited from entering), and today Okunoshima is a well-known spot for nestling rabbit sightseers[2].

Kids feed bunnies on Okunoshima island, but this island have a dark history
Kids feed bunnies on Okunoshima island, but this island have a dark history

5. The Number Four is Very Unfortunate:

The number four (‘shi’) is generally evaded in Japan since it sounds excessively like the Japanese word for death. Look out in Japan and you’ll see structures don’t have the fourth floor, things are sold in arrangements of three or five, and extraordinary consideration is taken to try not to experience the number in the day by day life[2].

The Bad Reputation of the Number 4 In Feng Shui
The Bad Reputation of the Number 4 In Feng Shui

6. There’s a Peculiar Naked Festival:

Japan is notable for its constant celebrations, yet Hadaka Matsuri should be perhaps the oddest. A large number of Japanese men strip bare in broad daylight to get a fortune-filled year, with the greatest matsuri occurring in Okayama, where an expected 9,000 men get down to their fun Doshi[2].

7. Japanese Trains are Probably the Most Reliable on The World:

The normal postponement of Japanese trains is 18 seconds. What makes them so prompt? Drivers are prepared in supersensible test systems and drive one train line just – many don’t require a speedometer to realize how quick they’re going. The rivalry is additionally wild between rail organizations, so lingering behind will not accomplish – they strive to keep hold of Japan’s colossal quantities of train suburbanites, whatever it takes (regardless of whether it implies building extravagant retail chains in the stations…)[2].

Japan bullet train by Sophia Fadil
Japan bullet train by Sophia Fadil

8. The Japanese Love Wacky Flavors:

Eel enhanced frozen yogurt and Green Tea Kit Kats are only two of the odd and magnificent flavors you can go over in Japan. Pack Kats are the most famous confectionary (‘Kit Kat’ sounds like ‘kitto katsu’, a Japanese saying signifying ‘best of luck.’) You can attempt edamame, wasabi, and soda enhanced Kit Kats, as well[2].

Why not try some tasty Green Tea flavored KitKats
Why not try some tasty Green Tea flavored KitKat

9. Everybody Has Their Seal:

In Japan, individuals don’t have marks – they have their seal. Known as Hanko, the seal is commonly your name converted into Kanji characters, and are produced using silk or plant-based glue. Grown-ups will regularly have three Hankos; one for closing down letters and individual matters, a bank seal and a distinguish seal. They’re a bit much for sightseers, but rather outsiders living in Japan can have one carefully assembled in little, neighborhood shops[2].

Traditional Japanese seal system hampers telework for some
Traditional Japanese seal system hampers telework for some

10. Hostile to Ninja Floors are a Thing:

During the primitive time frame, affluent Japanese rulers assembled homes with intentionally noisy floors (known as Nightingale Floors) as a protection measure against ninjas. The exceptionally prepared, incredible soldiers of fortune of primitive Japan were so saturated with fantasy and fables, they were supposed to be fit for strolling on water, turning undetectable, and controlling common components. That is had the chance to be an inspiration to put down some new deck[2].

Nightingale floors use nails to make a chirping sound
Nightingale floors use nails to make a chirping sound

11. Japan Has One of the World’s Most Reduced Crime Percentages:

Japan is perhaps the most secure country on the planet, so if you stress over wrongdoing, you ought to likely investigate moving here. The most well-known violations here incorporate taking a bike or umbrellas left external the general store[1].

At the metro and trains, you can see local people who sleep while having their telephone in their grasp or noticeable[1].

It’s likewise normal to see individuals strolling around with their knapsacks and packs open. Something else, individuals don’t bolt their homes constantly or their bikes! That is how safe it is in Japan[1].

Japan has one of the world’s lowest crime rates
Japan has one of the world’s lowest crime rates

12. There Are a Greater Number of Seniors Than Kids:

A lovely pitiful reality about Japan since it’s a major issue and there’s an absence of labor. Individuals don’t have time or cash to have a family in the present Japanese society. Also, this has prompted a circumstance where there are a bigger number of seniors than kids[1].

What’s more, did you realize that they sell more grown-up diapers than child’s diapers? I don’t think about you, yet to me, that is one of the odder realities about Japan[1]!

The Japanese islands of Okinawa have one of the world’s longest life expediencies, and as of now, the most established people on the planet are two Japanese individuals at 117 and 116 years of age[1].

More Older Adults Than Kids by 2035
More Older Adults Than Kids by 2035

13. Most Elevated Number of Candy Machines on the Earth:

Something you will see when venturing out to Japan is the gigantic measure of candy machines. They’re in a real sense all over, everywhere, and they’re certainly important for the cutting-edge Japanese culture[1].

A ton of cafés has begun to actualize candy machines also, to allow individuals to arrange food. Yet, they are likewise a decent and helpful route for the organizations to sell refreshments and bring in cash without paying staff[1].

In the enormous urban communities, you can discover both hot and cold espresso in the candy machines alongside different kinds of beverages, remembering water for a jug. There are likewise a lot of candy machines selling tidbits and food straightforwardly in the urban areas[1].

Japan's vending machines tell you a lot about the country's culture
Japan’s vending machines tell you a lot about the country’s culture

14. Japan Consists of 6852 Islands:

You may realize that Japan is an island country, yet did you realize that there are more than 6800 islands in Japan? The four greatest islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku, which together make up about 97% of the absolute land zone[1].

Furthermore, remember about the heaven islands of Okinawa with their lovely seashores and heat and humidity. Truth be told, the primary islands of Japan are likewise a portion of the world’s biggest islands[1].

Japan consists of 6852 islands
Japan consists of 6852 islands

15. Fruits is One the Best Gifts:

Although fruits, in general, are getting cheaper and cheaper to purchase in Japan. It is the tradition that the Japanese are following. If we look at the past, it was really expensive to purchase fruits because a handful of fruits grow naturally in Japan. These fruits are still expensive than in other countries[1].

The fruits are considered as a gift when meeting someone special. Japan has unique fruits that are watermelon[1].

square watermelon in Japanese market
square watermelon in Japanese market


The conclusion that many countries have progressed including Japan. They have many products and items. They do not need to import from other countries. Japanese can made toys, machines, mobiles, and autos. Japan is famous for making race cars and its racing events. If you know about the movie Tokyo Drift, there are a large number of gangs and people that have racing cars in their garage. For more interesting things subscribe to our newsletter or website. Share your comment in the comment section below and share with friends, and other family members to spread usable information.

Japan. Interesting facts about Japan.


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